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Enjoy Optimum Comfort In Your Nukleus Leaf The Basil Mini Brief Underwear!

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Men’s underwear segment, once the most neglected segment of apparel industry, is enjoying fresh attention from fashion designers all over the world. New brands have entered the competition, trying to bring forward the most voguish underwear designs that will become immensely popular among fashion conscious men. Many styles and designs in men’s underwear are available in the market these days. You’ll come across sporty jockstrap underwear and thongs underwear, raunchy bikini underwear and G string underwear; pouch underwear and loincloth underwear are also much in rage these days. Typical boxer briefs and brief underwear have evolved a lot as well, becoming immensely stylish, form-fitting and trendier.

Brief underwear came into vogue a few years back. Although many new styles and designs have come into the market, many fashionable men still prefer brief underwear. Since comfort is top priority, ace designers make sure they use premium materials for crafting men’s brief underwear. Cotton blended with some other materials (like lycra, polyester, elastane or spandex) is generally used for making men’s brief underwear. Cotton ensures optimum comfort to the wearer whereas materials like elastane, polyester or spandex help to maintain the tightness and stretchability of the underwear. Brief underwear is available in a variety of styles and designs. You can get contour pouch briefs and profile contour pouch brief underwear. Low rise and hip hugging styles have also become popular these days. Briefs are also available in a wide array of colours and patterns.

Although a number of high-profile brands have come into the market, no one can deny the popularity of Nukleus, a top brand from Malaysia.  Nukleus is one of the leading suppliers of eco friendly underwear to various parts of the world. The top designers of Nukleus believe in using eco friendly materials like GOTS certified organic cotton and viscose and modal from Austria’s Lenzing Group for creating their line of men’s clothing.  All their products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Underwear manufactured by Nukleus is not only eco friendly but also skin friendly. Another reason for their popularity is their die-hard support of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and its conservational work.  Apart from brief underwear, Nukleus also designs boxer brief underwear, long sleeved T Shirts, loose boxer shorts underwear, muscle top T shirts, short sleeved T shirts and tank top T shirts.

Grab some Nukleus Leaf The Basil Mini Brief Underwear if style and comfort are both equally important for you! High quality viscose bamboo (95%) and spandex (5%) are used for creating Nukleus Leaf’s Basil Mini Brief Underwear. Being a skin friendly and eco friendly material, viscose bamboo provides optimum comfort to the wearer throughout the day. Spandex helps to retain the stretchability and elasticity of the underwear. A part of the new Leaf Series, this eco friendly brief underwear is all in rage recently. Their leafy green brief underwear (with the mint coloured waist band) is the trendiest and voguish underwear that has found a place in every fashionable man’s wardrobe straight away.

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Be that irresistible hunk on the beach in your Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Gone are those days when men only had the option of trunk swimwear or swimmer shorts while purchasing swimsuits. Today, you get to see a completely different picture thanks to the ace designers whose joined efforts have borne fruit! These designers have come up with a variety of styles and designs in swimwear. Now, a fashionable man does not have to settle for swimmer shorts or old-fashioned trunk swimwear. He can pick some bikini swimwear, jockstrap swimwear, thong swimwear, pouch swimwear, G string swimwear and jammer swimwear. Old-fashioned trunk swimwear has become more stylish and raunchy. In fact, men prefer wearing form fitting square cut trunk swimwear while taking part in water sports and other activities.

Men who desire a bold and irresistible look on the beach invariably fall for bikini swimwear. The bold, revealing design of bikini swimwear helps in enhancing your sculpted body. Bikini swimwear came into vogue during the 1960s and immediately became popular among men. Men, with a muscular physique, prefer wearing this swimwear as this type of swimwear ensures maximum exposure. Top brands believe in using high quality fabrics when creating men’s bikini swimwear. Bikini swimwear tightly adheres to the body and due to its skimpy design, it is often considered ideal for swimming. Among the various brands that have gained popularity for designing some stylish and comfortable men’s bikini swimwear, Geovanny deserves mention.

Based in California, Geovanny is a popular brand designing immensely trendy and comfortable menswear.  Apart from bikini swimwear, Geovanny also manufactures boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, short sleeved T shirts and tank top T shirts. The ace designers at Geovanny believe in using premium fabrics for creating their men’s underwear, swimwear and T shirts so that the wearer remains in optimum comfort throughout the day.

Do you want to look seductive and raunchy on the beach? Well, if that’s what you desire then better pick some Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear! Sporty, stylish and sexy, the Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear is crafted from premium fabrics to ensure maximum comfort to the wearer. This form fitting bikini swimwear tightly adheres to the body, enhancing all the curves of your body. This particular swimwear has two zipper pockets and of course, its signature Alexander style makes it highly popular among men. Apart from electric purple, the Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear is also available in angel white, black and blood red. So, grab your Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear today!

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Swim In Splashing Water Wearing Your BJC Apparel Contrast Two Tone Sports Square Cut Trunk Swimwear!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Men require their swimwear before participating in various water sports like water polo, skiing, surfing, diving, scuba, wakeboarding, and of course, swimming! Men also look for proper swimwear suits while sunbathing near the pool or on the beach. An essential outfit required for varied water sports or swimming, men’s swimwear is available in various styles and designs. You can find board shorts, jammer swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, briefs, bikini swimwear, thongs and G string swimwear among varied swimwear available for men. Swimwear is specially designed to allow wearers to move their legs freely while swimming or while enjoying water sports. Some special swimwear also provides thermal protection to the wearer. Professional swimmers also prefer drag suits (special swim suits) that they wear during their practice sessions. Crafted from mesh or nylon, these drag suits help in providing more resistance against water flow, enabling the swimwear to swim with ease.

Men’s swimwear is available in various styles and designs these days. For a sporty and hunky-dory look, they can choose skimpy bikini swimwear or G string swimwear, or pick up some square cut trunk swimwear, considered suitable for swimming or enjoying different water sports. The choice and popularity of different swimwear designs also varies with various cultures. It is true that the culture of a place has a great impact on the fashion industry of that area. So, different swimwear designs have become popular in different places. For instance, in some places, jockstrap swimwear or bikini swimwear is in great demand among men, while in other places men like to don square cut trunk swimwear or jammer swimwear. Whatever the demand, ace designers all over world are always putting in their utmost effort to make men’s swimwear excessively stylish, raunchy and chic.

Currently, one swimwear brand that stands out is BJC Apparel. Based in Florida, BJC Apparel has invariably found its way into every fashionable man’s wardrobe. Since their inception, BJC Apparel has been catering to the needs and demands of men. They design some stylish bikini swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear that is ideal to wear while enjoying water sports or swimming.

Comfortable, stretchable and stylish, BJC Apparel Contrast Two Tone Sports Square Cut Trunk Swimwear is preferred by all men! If you want to indulge in water sports or wish to swim in the splashing waters, this ‘sports brief’ is definitely the one for you. Made from a fabric that contains nylon (84%) and spandex (16%), this square cut trunk swimwear retains its stretchability and tightness. The presence of a drawstring allows you to adjust this square cut trunk swimwear accordingly. The sporty red and milky white colour combination of this swimwear is indeed appealing. Apart from red, you can also find this square cut trunk swimwear in other colours like navy, black and yellow – all contrasted with white.

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Wish For Your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants Now!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

It is indeed tough to choose a pair of breeches for a man. You need to first select a pair that provides immense comfort and also make sure that the pants are quite stylish and trendy to suit the varied styles and tastes of men. Moreover, picking the right colour is also essential. A fashionable man is just not satisfied with any drab and typical colour. He also demands that his pants be funky and able to enhance his sex appeal. While riding motorcycles or bikes, men look for pants that are comfortable and are designed to enable free movement of the legs. Well, one look at Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants proves that they are designed to fulfil all these demands – and more!

The Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants are crafted from pure leather and the special cut is made to provide utmost comfort. These pants also have a liner of mesh to offer additional comfort to the wearer. Interestingly, these chaps pants have “zip out” lining made of quilted polyester that can be taken out whenever required. So, you can wear these pants even during hot summer months without getting soaked in sweat.

These chaps pants are trimmed with buckle and snaps of stainless steel that looks quite trendy and chic. You can trim the lower panel for a custom fit. These chaps pants are made from pure leather, so they are quite durable and long lasting. Crafted from pure leather, these chaps pants retain their shine, smoothness and style for a long time. Since these chaps are available in different sizes, get your right size now to look sexy and sizzling in your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants! Just team them up with muscle top T shirts, tanks top T shirts or polo shirts and look immensely sexy and cool!

Hawg Hides is a popular brand creating stylish apparel and quality accessories for men. They believe in using pure leather for crafting their apparel, and provide quality leather that is tough and durable.  Made from genuine leather, all of Hawg Hides products are long lasting. Apart from Motorcycle Chaps Pants, they also create other pants, hats, jackets and coats, bags and other accessories for men. A man simply looks ravishing in Hawg Hides apparel!

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To Look Different, Just Try Alick Alexander Pro Trunk Underwear!

Monday, April 16th, 2012

If you keep yourself updated with the changing styles and fashion, you will never be satisfied with older outdated designs. You will want to change your wardrobe frequently, stuffing it with all the latest designer outfits produced by well known brands this season. Even while choosing your underwear, you will want to pick the latest and trendy designs available in the market. Although boxer briefs came back into vogue a long time back, fashion designers have made them trendier and sexier, catering to the demands of men everywhere. So, when you pick your boxer brief underwear, you invariably select something that is excessively chic and enhances your manly image.

When you decide the get the most stylish boxer brief underwear, you may come across numerous brands creating some trendy and stylish boxers. However, one brand that takes care of your style as well as your comfort is Alick Alexander. Incepted in 2007, Alick Alexander is a popular brand creating stylish menswear. As far as men’s underwear is concerned, this brand believes in creating some exclusive and innovative designs that are immensely popular among men. Although it is based in the UK, Alick Alexander is now popular all over the world. Besides boxer brief underwear, this brand also designs some trendy brief underwear.

If you check out Alick Alexander Pro Trunk Underwear, you can see why it is different from other ordinary boxer brief underwear. Unlike ordinary boxers that are available in typical colours like black, blue, brown or white, this trunk underwear is available in vibrant colours like pink, turquoise, red, yellow, and of course, royal blue and white. It is designed with a roomy pouch that is double layered, and gives maximum support and enhancement to your package. It is provided with a considerably broad waist strap with the brand name labelled on it – great if you like wearing low rise jeans or trousers.

Alick Alexander chooses the finest fabrics for creating its men’s underwear, so the wearer remains comfortable throughout the day. The fabrics used in creating Alick Alexander Pro Trunk Underwear consist of polyamide (88%) and elastane (12%). Due to the presence of these materials, the underwear retains its stretchability and tightly adheres to your body, enhancing your curves and looks. Available in different sizes, Alick Alexander Pro Trunk Underwear can be a perfect replacement for your old boxers.

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Replace Your Old Brief Underwear With Candid Underwear Plaid Brief!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Are you a cool, fashion conscious guy who is bored of wearing the same old brief underwear day in and day out? Are you frantically searching for some trendy and chic brief underwear that will not only suit your personality but also elevate your comfort level? Well, it is time you gave up your search! Candid Underwear, a popular brand from the United States has designed some excessively stylish and sexiest brief underwear, better known as a Plaid Brief that is sure to enhance your manly looks.

Candid Underwear Plaid Brief is indeed eye-catching! Unlike other ordinary briefs that are offered in typical colours, this underwear has colourful patterns made on it. Sometimes, these patterns are made in single colours on a light or dark background like blue patterns on a white background, and sometimes the patterns are in dual colours like black and pink, black and blue, green and yellow, pink and orange, and pink and blue.

If you look at a Candid Underwear Plaid Brief, you will see that this underwear is designed to provide utmost comfort to the wearer. The brand selects the finest fabric to create their underwear. The fabric used for creating Plaid Brief underwear consists of cotton (95%) and spandex (5%).  Cotton, being soft and breathable ensures total comfort, while spandex helps in retaining the tightness and stretchability of this underwear.

This low-rise brief is quite chic and trendy, just what you need to enhance your sizzling looks! It is provided with a spacious contoured pouch that gives proper enhancement and maximum support to your package. A 1.5 inch broad elastic waist strap provides additional support and tightness to this underwear. Moreover, the presence of the brand name on the strap gives you the opportunity to reveal your waist strap from under your pants or jeans. If you cast a fleeting glance at a Candid Underwear Plaid Brief, you cannot deny that it has been designed keeping both the style and the comfort of the wearer in mind. Besides brief underwear, Candid also designs some exclusive boxer brief underwear.

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Surfing Becomes Exciting In Your Tulio Surfer Jammer Swimwear!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Jammers or jammer swimwear resembles cycling shorts and is regarded as nice racing swimwear. Looking at the design of jammer swimwear, it can confidently be said that the wearer will be able to swim and surf on the ripping waters most comfortably. The most unique feature of jammer swimwear is its tightness and adherence to the body of the surfer. Moreover, if you possess a well-toned, well-sculpted physique, it gets enhanced a lot with this swimwear. Presently, you may come across different brands manufacturing jammer swimwear for men. However, Tulio is one brand that is known for creating some unique jammer swimwear.

Originating in Brazil, Tulio creates some exclusive swimwear from high quality fabrics that perfectly suit your manly physique. Moreover, the variety of shades and combinations of Tulio swimwear are liked by surfers and swimmers. Apart from jammer swimwear, this brand also produces other men’s outfits like boxer brief underwear, bikini underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, bikini swimwear, G string swimwear; square cut trunk swimwear, boardshorts beachwear, shorts, muscle top T shirts, tank top T shirts, pants and jeans. Any man who sets his eyes on any Tulio product simply craves it!

If you are on the beach, then nothing can be better than your Tulio Surfer Jammer Swimwear. Its perfect tightness and elasticity ensure that you surf on the water quite smoothly. The fabric that is required for making this jammer swimwear consists of nylon (85%) and lycra (15%). The presence of these two materials ensures proper stretchability. So while swimming or surfing, you can freely move your legs. The ace designers of Tulio have indeed combined their skills to bring forward such unique contrast and mix and match.  The yellow, white and navy coloured patches make this swimwear quite unique.

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Smooth And Silky –What You Need Is Kiniki Charmer Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Comfort and style are the two factors that matter to a fashionable man when he decides to pick any loose boxer shorts underwear. Invariably, his eyes will search for underwear that is crafted from very high quality fabric, and is designed to suit his chiseled body at the same time. While groping for suitable loose boxer shorts underwear, you will find that Kiniki meets all your demands and requirements especially when you take a look at Kiniki Charmer Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear.

It will not be an exaggeration to mention that Kiniki Charmer Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear can make any ordinary man look really charming. Boxer shorts are meant for relaxing, but were available only in drab colors and typical designs earlier. It was only later that brands like Kiniki actually brought forward some very stylish and trendy loose boxer shorts underwear designs that became popular among men.

Unlike ordinary boxer shorts, Kiniki Charmer Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear has its own luster and smoothness. The credit obviously goes to the designers of this brand who have selected the best materials to create this underwear. Designed to suit your sculpted body, it retains a snug fit yet maximises your comfort.  This boxer shorts underwear is neither too long nor too short but the right size to enhance your looks. The shimmering fabric against your skin is enough to attract everyone’s gaze. Move around in your Kiniki Charmer Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear and mesmerise all!

A well-known brand from the UK, Kiniki understands the needs of today’s men. Outfits created by this brand are not only fashionable but also provide immense comfort. You can find a wide variety of menswear under this line like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, thong underwear, G string underwear, square cut trunk swimwear, bikini swimwear, thong swimwear, etc.

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New Balance Lifestyle After-Work Lounge Pants Ensure Total Comfort!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Nothing gives you more pleasure than slipping into your lounge pants after your day’s work. As lounge pants are designed to ensure maximum comfort to the wearer, it is essential that you choose pants that are crafted from high quality and breathable fabric. Moreover, if you are a fashion-conscious individual, you surely want your lounge pants to be excessively stylish and modish. New Balance is one such brand that meets all your requirements. Looking at the trendy New Balance Lifestyle After-Work Lounge Pants, you can very well understand why its different from any ordinary lounge pants.

A perfect combination of comfort and style, New Balance Lifestyle After-Work Lounge Pants is specially designed for your chiselled physique. The fabric that is used for creating this outfit consists of materials like polyester (90%) and spandex (10%). Due to the presence of these materials, the lounge pants retain elasticity and stretchability and tightly adhere to your body, enhancing your looks. It is also designed with ventilation panels of mesh that provide added comfort. It is provided with an adjustable draw string that allows you to adjust this outfit according to your needs.

Designed with seam pockets at the sides and fly button, New Balance Lifestyle After-Work Lounge Pants are liked by all men. Made from odour resistant, moisture absorbing fabric, New Balance Lifestyle After-Work Lounge Pants are the perfect outfit for the hot summer months. You can procure these lounge pants in four different colours like grey, denim, white and black. So, choose you favourite colour and pick your lounge pants today!

New Balance, a popular brand from New York designs some exclusive and fashionable menswear. Their outfits are made from premium fabric that simply elevates your comfort level. Apart from lounge pants, this brand also designs some trendy boxer brief underwear.

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Elite Underwear Brief Is Designed To Suit Your Manly Physique!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

With changing trends in fashion industry, men’s underwear segment also underwent rapid change. Fashion designers created underwear focussing on the needs and requirements of men. Nowadays, various underwear designs are available to men that not only provide maximum comfort but also suit different personalities. Among the wide range of underwear designs, brief underwear is quite popular among men. Brief underwear came into fashion a long time back and is still chosen by men for the snug-fit and the design that provides athletic support.

In recent times, many brands are coming up with unique and innovative designs of brief underwear that find a place in men’s wardrobes straight away. It will not be an exaggeration to consider Elite Unlimited as one such brand that produces some exlusive and trendy men’s underwear. Besides brief underwear, this brand creates some modish bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, jock strap underwear, long boxer brief underwear, thong underwear, etc. Being one of the leading brands of South America, Elite Unlimited uses only premium fabrics for creating all of its mens apparel. Moreover, the exclusive designs and the vibrant colour combinations of underwear are liked by fashionable men.

If you set your eyes on the Elite Underwear Brief, you will understand the reason for its popularity among men. This brief underwear is made from very high-quality fabric that consists of cotton (93%) and spandex (7%). Cotton keeps the wearer comfortable all the time, protecting his skin from rashes and itching. Spandex ensures the tightness and elasticity of this underwear.  The fabric is also heat reactive. Since, this underwear is made from high-class fabrics, it is long lasting. Look at the Tokyo Black color and the shimmer that emits from the fabric! It has a roomy pouch and the fabric in the pouch area retains luster that glows and can even change its colour. The presence of the brand name on the broad waist strap makes this underwear even more exclusive.

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