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A Bone Wear Trim Vest Tank Top T Shirt creates a sultry look during hot humid days!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Whether they are worn as an outerwear or underneath shirts, during hot and humid days, tank top T shirts are the most preferred clothing for men of all ages.  Since tank tops are designed without sleeves, they provide much needed respite and comfort when the temperature rises. Available in varied styles, cuts and colours, they are the trendiest and most versatile among all the casual wear and you can wear them with your running trunks or your beach trunks. The name that comes to mind when one is talking about fashionable and functional tank tops is South African company Bone Wear.

Established more than five years ago, Bone Wear is “South Africa’s first international underwear label.” This international brand is well known for its top quality and unique collections of men’s underwear, athletic wear and swimwear. Designed by the noted South African designer Wilco Stemmett, all Bone Wear outfits are made from locally sourced raw materials of the highest quality and provide unmatched movement and comfort! While they redefine style and sex appeal with a striking colour palette, cuts and styles, their collections will appeal to any fashion forward man. Besides specialising in designer tank top T shirts, the menswear brand also offers bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeved T shirts, loose boxer shorts, loungewear, personal care, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear and towels for men with discerning tastes.

If you want to experience their comfortable designs and form-fitting fabrics first-hand, you must try the Bone Wear Trim Vest Tank Top T Shirt instead of your regular tank tops. Made from quality locally sourced fabrics, this men’s tank top provides you with an athletic fit while sculpting your chiselled physique with its unique style! Designed with contrasting trims and the Bone Wear logo prominently displayed on the back, the super light and breathable fabric provides ultimate support and comfort, especially for the athlete. In other words, the soft to touch but stretchy fabric is extremely skin friendly and gives off a light and airy feeling the moment you put it on, making this designer top simply right for all your strenuous activity!

Available in three amazing colour combinations – black/white, white/black and white/olive, the typical round neckline and sleeveless design of this fun and cool Bone Wear Trim Vest Tank Top T Shirt makes it ideal for wearing to the gym, beach or home. Put it on with your chinos, jeans and casual pants to win the admiration and approval of your peers!

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Show off your abs in trendy ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Because of their versatile nature and sleeveless design, tank top T shirts offer optimum comfort to the wearer, allowing him to remain calm and relaxed all the time. They are the most preferred choice of clothing and are often worn on a hot summer day or as a top underneath another shirt. Like all other T shirt variations, tank tops are without any doubt the most appealing and trendy casual wear. You can wear them to the beach with your beach shorts or to the gym with your fashionable pair of running trunks to look casual and stylish anytime.

Established in 2005, Barcelona based ES Collection is a brand committed to creating top quality, cutting edge designs using the best production techniques. Boasting of the use of top quality fabrics, their menswear is designed to withstand time. Besides designing hip and cool tank tops, they have a wide variety of products including designer bags, beach towels, bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, boardshorts beachwear, bodysuits, beach towels, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, G string swimwear, hats, jammer swimwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeved T shirts, pants, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, shorts swimwear, sleepwear, socks, square cut trunk swimwear, thong underwear, sweaters and windbreakers and armbands and bracelets for men.

If you want to show off your toned and chiselled physique in colourful and fun tank tops, their funky and trendy ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts are simply perfect for you! Available in pink/white or mint/white combinations, they are definite quality tank tops with contrast trims and printed with 69 on the pink or mint background! Made from quality cotton and Lycra blend, these men’s tops provide an athletic fit to the wearer and ensure maximum comfort all day long! The soft and stretchy fabric of their garments gives off a light and airy feeling the moment they are worn, thereby elevating your comfort level during even the most strenuous of activities! With its sleeveless design and round neckline, their tank tops are cool and fun and you can wear ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts to the beach, gym or as everyday wear at home. Team them up with casual pants, chinos or jeans to look cool and casual while showing off your bulging biceps!

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Intymen Euro Bikini Underwear Is Meant For You!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

No one can deny the fact that men’s underwear styles are becoming hotter and sexy in the hands of the ace designers of the present day. Whether you consider boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, thongs, G Strings or very chic bikini underwear – all these styles are designed carefully to enhance the sizzling looks and the sex appeal of fashionable men; especially bikini underwear, with its skimpy and body-hugging design is ideal to make you look great! However, it will be wrong to say that looks are the only reason for choosing this underwear. The vital reason why men select bikini underwear is for the assured comfort they get from the design. Moreover, brands like Intymen create this underwear style from premium fabrics that almost gives you the feel of wearing nothing underneath!

A well known brand, Intymen readily caters to the needs and requirements of urban men. They have a fine collection of trendy and traditional swimwear and underwear that ensure a perfect fit to the wearer. Their pouch enhancement hammocks, C-Rings and other erotic designs are well accepted by men. This brand often uses see-through fabrics for creating their menswear. Intymen offers a wide range of men’s swimwear and underwear like bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, G string underwear, pouch underwear, thong underwear, square cut trunk swimwear and bikini swimwear. They even create exquisitely stylish tank top T shirts.

Designers at Intymen designed the Intymen Euro Bikini Underwear keeping in mind the sizzling, well-toned physique of men. They have selected a fabric that has a perfect combination of polyester (83%) and spandex (17%), which means this bikini underwear tightly adheres to the body, simply boosting your sex appeal. The fabric of this black coloured bikini underwear retains a little sheen that helps to increase your ravishing looks! Intymen Euro Bikini Underwear is also available in other colours like white, coral, blue and red. Just select your favourite colour and grab your Intymen now!

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Be Ravishing in Tulio Swim Power Pouch Bikini!

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Men’s clothing line has undergone a rapid change in the last few decades. Especially, swimwear were the neglected kind, neither had proper cut nor perfect finish. However, now The Brazilian brand Tulio has made a revolution with the introduction of trendy swimwear that simply make you appear seductive! Tulio Swim Power Pouch Bikini is specially designed keeping in mind your perfectly chiselled body. It is indeed thrilling to visualize yourself in this pouch bikini sunbathing on the beach or getting soaked in waters.

Tulio’s pouch bikini has a white background, which is contrasted with a lustrous black stretchable strap that borders the waist and pouch area, giving you the perfect shape you need for swimming.  In fact, this strap holds the weight and draws it backward giving your body the perfect shape.  This bikini has no lining and becomes translucent when wet, making your seductively appealing. So now, appear on the beach in Tulio’s pouch bikini and feel the amorous eyes staring at you!

This pouch bikini is made of nylon (85%) and lycra (15%) providing maximum elasticity and stretchability. The presences of these materials make the bikini extremely durable. The perfect cut and finish make the bikini most exclusive. The credit definitely goes to Brazilian designers who create their products keeping in mind the perfectly well toned bodies. Apart from white and black combination, this bikini is also available in camo and black combination. It is also available in different sizes like small, medium and extra large. Therefore, anyone of you planning a beach holiday can grab this bikini and get naughty! Apart from pouch bikini, Tulio also makes G-string swimwear, trunk swimsuits, boxer brief underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, tank top T Shirts, muscle top T Shirts, broad shorts beachwear and many other products. The fabrics used in apparel are of very high quality. So now, spend and get the best products!

You do not want to be seen on the beach in your old loose swim trunk. You want to be cocky, naughty and at the same time classy. Men who are looking for all these factors, Tulio is your brand! This bikini not only enhances your physique but also makes you feel different. Get soaked in the water in Tulio Swim Power Pouch Bikini and make others lose their senses!

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Settle for Nothing But the Best – Grab Modus Vivendi Menswear Today!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Modus Vivendi is a brand that is meant for the young and dynamic men. The chief designer at Modus Vivendi is ace designer Christos Bibitsos who belongs to the beautiful country of Greece. The brand offers a wide range of apparel for men that include underwear, swimwear, beachwear, sportswear and accessories. It has now been more than twenty two years that Modus Vivendi has been around in the market since 1989, serving different types of men who want nothing but the best for themselves when it comes to underwear and swimwear.

There is a reason why Modus Vivendi has managed to leave an indelible impression on the minds of men – the brand designs unique and innovative apparel. The brand pays a lot of heed to the design of every product that they choose to create, which is why a lot of care is taken to create clothes that are comfortable and of superior quality during the manufacturing stage itself.

Modus Vivendi has helped men develop a fashion sense of their own. Men who opt for Modus Vivendi are the ones who lead a high-profile and lavish lifestyle. The brand is all about fashion and the designing team at Modus Vivendi focuses on market and fashion trends very closely to produce some of the most incredible winter and summer collections.

The good part about Modus Vivendi though is the fact that it creates creative, innovative and highly fashionable apparel at an affordable price. The brand is perfect for those men who are conscious about fashion and at the same time do not wish to spend a fortune on swimwear and beachwear. Bibitsos has worked really hard to provide men with styles, patterns and lines that help them maintain a modern lifestyle. Bibistos himself designs a sample of each and every new design so that men get exactly what they are looking for.

Modus Vivendi’s collection of apparel includes, Bikini Swimwear, Boardshorts Beachwear, Bodysuits, Boxer Brief Underwear, Brief Underwear, G String Underwear, Jock Strap Underwear, Long Sleeved T Shirts, Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear, Muscle Top T Shirts, Pants, Short Sleeved T Shirts, Shorts, Shorts Swimwear and Square Cut Trunk Swimwear. Almost anything and everything that you can imagine has been covered pretty well by Modus Vivendi.

The Modus Vivendi Festive Zipper Brief Underwear available in red colour is one of their finest creations. This brief comes with a zipper and is made of 93% Cotton and 7% Elastane.

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This holiday appear on the beach in Vuthy’s Reversible Bikini swimwear!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Whenever you pack your luggage for a vacation near the sea, you are always agitated about your swimwear. This is especially true for a choosy or a fashion conscious man who doesn’t want to be seen in the same swimwear every day, but wants to carry light luggage at the same time. Vuthy understands your agitation and introduces its new Reversible Stripes Bikini Swimwear from its 2011 collection. So now forget worries and enjoy your beach holiday!

Vuthy, an exclusive brand from Maine specializes in swimwear, inner apparel, beachwear, T- shirts and tank tops. Vuthy’s products are distributed to a wide variety of stores in Australia, Europe and USA. The designs have become extremly popular and have been shown in “Spamalot” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Youngsters are especially curious about Vuthy’s products because of its affordability. For instance, their Reversible Bikini Swimwear produces a new design when turned over on its other side. In fact, this is the most interesting feature of this bikini swimwear. Now you don’t have to be abashed at being seen in the same swimwear every day. Change sides and you are a style icon!

Vuthy Reversible Stripes Bikini Swimwear has a black background with white stripes in the frontal area. The white stripes are also patterned on the bordered area of the swimwear. Apart from this, the bikini swimwear comes with an adjustable string, which makes for a great fit. The string can be adjusted according to the physique of the wearer. It also adheres to the body, thereby ensuring tightness and flexibility. The fabric used is of very high quality and thus retains stretchability for a long time.

Mens bikini swimwear made its way into the fashion industry in the 60’s, and has become a most loved item since then, particularly for those men who possess a superb physique and love to flaunt their bodies on the beach in bikini swimwear. This particular swimwear is also worn during different water sports. Since it perfectly fits the body and retains tightness even when the force of the water is great, this swimwear is preferred by most men. Vuthy believes in providing unique designs that can make its bikini swimwear the most preferred item of all.

So, now when you are sunbathing make everyone turn their heads and admire your tanned body. Just imagine how sizzling you will look near the rippling waters sunbathing in a Vuthy’s Reversible Stripes Bikini Swimwear!

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Have a gala time in Guilio Lycra Extreme Square Cut Swimwear!

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Mens Swimwear have been undergoing through different innovations in the last few years. Various brands are competing with one another to become the most successful one. The designers are trying their level best to come out with unique designs that can be stylish enough to get a place in today’s mens collection. Actually such a huge number of designs and brands are available to you that it becomes difficult for you make the correct choice. Sometimes you only get style at the cost of comfort and sometimes comfort at the cost of style. But the brand that caters to both and has actually emerged as the choice of the metro sexual men is Guilio.

Guilio is a line of clothing from Spain that offers exclusive and trendy mens swimwear and underwear. This brand believes in supplying products that are not only different but fashionable. In fact it believes you in making the trend setter. It understands that you always love to be spotted in the crowd as the most fashionable individual. Earlier men let it go with swimwear but now you are in no mood even to compromise with your swimwear. If you have a sculpted body you want to flaunt it on the beach in a most stylish swimwear. Guilio offers you this opportunity!

Guilio produces a wide range of mens apparel like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, short sleeved T shirts, thong underwear and different kinds of swimwear. This brand actually plays with colors. Guilio Lycra Extreme Square Cut Swimwear can be cited as an example. The swimwear shaped in a square cut fashion appears in rainbow shades. Just imagine how attractive you’ll look when you appear near the water in your rainbow colored swimwear! You simply have admiring eyes staring at hero and worshipping your appearance! The use of materials like polyamide nylon (81%) and elastane (19%) ensures perfect stretch and elasticity of the swimwear. So don’t get worried when you’re embarking into some rough water sports. You have your swimwear tightly clinging to your body. The square cut and the perfect shape make you appear shapelier. Thus when you appear from the water drenched in your swimwear you are the most enticing one!

The tagline of Guilio appears as “no comment underwear” and this is true. When you wear Guilio products you can only praised by the world!

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Walk with pride by wearing Jellyfish Swimwear

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Sometimes, no matter what the brand and how much you look, you just cannot seem to find exactly what you are looking for. Understanding this predicament of people, the brand Jellyfish was introduced, which can create custom-made swimwear, keeping just the exact specifications given by you in mind and the requirements that you might have.

Jellyfish swimwear helps you look and feel good by not only designing swimwear that suits you and meets your needs, but by also by designing swimwear that is unique just for you! Their uniqueness will surely make you stand out in a crowd and catch quite a few eyes! Their swimwear can be designed so that what you wear will not resemble any others! You can become the designer and give your opinions and inputs on the prints, colours, materials, cuts and styles to be used. Your wish is their command and voila! You will have swimwear that is absolutely unique!

The Brazilian brand, which designs on the beaches of Brazil, definitely has that influence with the sets of colours and prints. You can look at the sets of colours, prints and styles available to choose from and create your unique piece. In fact, if you are more of a man with simple tastes, then you can go in for plain designs and solid colours. The motto of the company is to provide their customers exactly what they want, so go ahead and demand whatever your heart desires!

The fit of the swimwear made by Jellyfish is absolutely perfect! They are fully lined so as to support (and at the same time flatter) the male body. However, since the customer has the last say in everything, the swimwear can be tailor made to be unlined.

The quality of the materials used to make their swimwear is always of high quality. Jellyfish never makes any compromises in that respect! The material used is a mix of 17% elastane and 83% polyamide so to make it quick drying as well as stretchable!

Various kinds of features can be added on them as well like floral panels, belt buckles, faux belts or plain belted, keyholes, eyelets, etc. The sky is the limit! Take a look at the variations offered at Deal by Ethan and let your imagination run wild!!

Men’s Swimwear at its best

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Over the last century, it is noted that the men’s swimwear has changed and developed. For years it has been seen that the most common kind of men’s swimwear has been swimming trunks or shorts. Presently men’s swimwear market is vast. Before opting for the perfect swimwear one should realize whether one would be comfortable in that piece of wear and whether he is daring enough to wear that swimwear.

The swimming trunks are the most common form of swimwear from years. Trunks look much like shorts and it covers the body right from the waist to the upper or mid leg. In USA this form of swimwear is the most popular type. Trunks are mostly made up of nylon and on the inside there is a mesh protective covering which helps in fast drying. Trunks are available in various patterns, colors, styles and kinds.

Another popular form of men’s swimwear is the g-strings. G-Strings are available in several pouch sizes. Most commonly SEEN men’s swimwear is the g-strings which have quite narrow cut with small pouches which fully balloons out which enables everything to fit well. It is made from elastic fabric strings and has the same sides and backsides for all. Such form of swimwear gives a very sexy appeal and should only be worn by those who have the guts to carry it and who love getting attention. Since a handsome man in g-strings swimwear will never get unnoticed.

Racing brief falls under the class of men’s swimwear. Racing briefs are mostly worn by serious and professional swimmers. Racing briefs are particularly made keeping in mind about the diving stunts and maximum fast racing which are carried out by the professional swimmers. Thus, while it is created the designers and the manufactures pay a lot of attention to the durability and strength factors. Racing briefs are made of materials which are chlorine resistant. Chlorine has an adverse effect on material, thus special care is maintained. This is quite crucial since the professional swimmer has to be in his swimwear most of the time. Boardshorts are another form of men’s swimwear, it is mostly associated typically with water sports like water boarding and surfing. Of late these shorts have become quite popular as beachwear too.

Today men’s swimwear forms a big part of the attire industry. It is available in several styles and designs which perfectly fits almost every man’s physique. There are several shops which only cater to men’s swimwear globally. One can get enough knowledge on the same and can pick their choice of swimwear from the internet too. serves the same. One gets the option of buying genuine stylish swimwear from anywhere in the world.

Men’s undergarments today is for the men of fashion

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Another name for undergarments is lingerie or underwear. The name undergarments are so given because this piece of clothing is worn right on the skin and under the clothes. There could be several reasons for wearing undergarment; precisely it is worn for comfort, sanitation and warmth. It is even worn by many for sensualist display.

It was pretty late around in 1980s that the men’s undergarments were considered as the unit of fashion. Earlier only durability and comfort were the terms associated with undergarments. But with advertisement people developed a consciousness towards this attire. It was seen that in the Western society, to a great extent undergarments were given a sexy appeal than ever before. It was presented in an appealing and sexy oriented manner before the users and very soon it was considered to be the ultimate impediment ahead of nudity. There are many men who do not believe underwear to be a critical and necessary part of sanitation. In a more informal American manner, free balling is used for those men who do not wear underwear. At the same time there are few garments which do not need any kind of extra underneath clothing like kilts or cycling shorts.

In today’s time it is seen that there exists several designers and manufacturers who have worked endlessly towards men’s underwear department. Men’s underwear is readily available and can be easily purchased from like too. Initially men’s underclothing was of two types. The first type is the briefs and the second type is the boxer shorts. But today men have a sizable number of underclothing options to select from. The boxer is short in length. They can be knitted, woven, and athletic. They have a pretty loose fit and are mostly the pouch type.

Briefs mostly are low cut type with a tight fit. It even has a pouch or can be the conventional diagonal flapping type. Y-fronts are the term used for briefs by the British. Another common type of men’s underwear is the Bikini. Various types of bikini are available in the market. Like the string bikini, low cut and high cut bikini. There are several other types of men’s underwear which are seen in the market. The union suits, G-strings which are more athletic and are available as thongs too and the long underclothing. It is seen that some underwear which are available in the market have a fly. Such underwear does not allow separation at the waist. Since they are quite flexible, thus it is very easy for the user to take it on and off. Mostly the fly of underwear does not allow the showing of skin, simply by the overlapping of cloth. These days, there is even edible underwear available, which are especially manufactured for sexual intents.