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Attractive men’s Pouch Swimwear Online

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

As attitude of men towards the underwear has undergone a vast change, no doubt the underwear companies have become bolder in introducing new designs. Men’s pouch swimwear is a men’s swimming underwear that came into the market as an experimental design. Because of the changed attitude of men, it proved to be extremely successful. These days, it has been one of the most popular men’s swimwear available in the market.

As the name itself suggests, it has a U shaped pouch in between your thighs. Obviously, the pouch is made with a double layer of cloth in order to provide extra protection to your private parts. The reason why it is named so is the pouch in it. This pouch is the main and the most attractive characteristic of this type of swimwear. You would always feel light and sometimes, you would feel as if you are not wearing anything. That actually adds to its appeal. You feel so light and at the same time, you are absolutely safe.

With the extra and unnecessary amount of cloths deducted from its design, the men’s pouch swimwear has been given a handy, smart, light and at the same time a sexy look. It can be predicted with eyes closed that any women, whoever she might be, won’t be able to stop looking at you while you will be swimming with a men’s pouch swimwear around your waist. Others are quite ok but if you have a bit tough built; it is no doubt the ideal one for you. offers you a large collection of men’s underwear among which men’s pouch swimwear in one. It is a men’s swimwear with a handy and sexy look. It would provide you a light feeling and at the same time would give you absolute comfort.

There are different types of this kind now available in the market. Most of them are made from elastic cloth with an elastic run on seaming. Others have the seamless and tag less inside built. Men’s pouch swimwear is available in different colors.

In, you can choose your desired pouch swimwear as it has a collection of not only world famous brands but also a vast types of designs. You only have to browse through the categories or the brands and whatever you think to buy, just click on it and follow the on-screen instruction. has made your private shopping this much easy! Hence, what are you waiting for? Make a rush and start finding the ideal pouch swimwear for you!

Men’s underwear: Latest trend of the day

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 serves the infinite best. It caters to all the class of men and nothing but the best of men’s underwear is found here. For those who like boxer shorts, loose fitting boxers, briefs as well as bikinis. The fitted or tighter class of men’s underwear is also referred to as the swimwear. Out and out styles in men’s underwear are quite frequently mentioned and cited as titillating and sexy. If the underwear does not have much of a back, they are popularized in the market by the name thongs. Men’s bikini underwear is mostly available in solid shades or in strong prints, mostly animal prints.

The materials are mostly cotton and may even deviate from cotton to microfiber. Most of the underwear in this style usually has a fly front. It is noted that the recent styles are either flat or may have a protruded pouch in front. The elastic waistbands are mostly wide compared to other forms of underwear. The waistbands can also be thin though and maybe blanketed in fabric keeping in mind the styling and most importantly the comfort. It is mostly seen that the waistbands have the brand name marked on it.

The regular design of thong is the thin tag in the halfway back of the waistband. At times it is observed that the thongs which are readily available have a reasonably inflexible tag due to its thickness, thereby it causes a sort of insignificant irritation amongst few users. The front portion of the brief dips down immensely thereby results in an adventurous bold v-shape that does not allow one to be covered fully. In the Torrid line there exists an unusual pouch which curves upward quite crucially though one would not feel the significant increase in lift this is due to the stretchable low density fabric. If it is worn in lighter shades particularly in olive and white, there is a guarantee of very little left to be imagined. At the same time, the low rise at the back gives complete coverage.

There are a variety of leg lengths available in the market for that ultimate fit and perfect look. There are the short legs, long leg or the chaps or even the see through, there is everything available for each ones personal choice and taste. In a recent survey it has been observed that the boxer briefs are an outstanding option when one wants a secure and cozy fit that even allows fabulous comfort and movement. One is allowed to go straight from work to the gym in absolute all day pleasure and comfort. We offer a variety of leg lengths for that perfect fit and look you want.

Men’s Underwear, It’s Your Personal Choice!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Whether you are boarding a bus or a train or going anywhere on foot, a thing that you must have come across is the advertisement of undergarments mainly in big billboards beside the road. They come in our way in different form and with different slogans. But what is to be noted here is, actually the equal preponderance of men’s Underwear, rising side by side to women’s underwear’s.

Once there was a time when men’s underwear didn’t play anything major or striking in their lifestyle, but now time has shown a radical change in their attitude. Men’s underwear is now playing an important role in stating their lifestyle, attitude and status as well. There has been a remarkable rise in this industry and yes by the way men are accepting it seems its here to stay.

As far as men’s underwear is concerned, it is a must say that choosing your correct style statement determines your attitude, class and behavior. Hence, buying your underwear becomes your own responsibility and also becomes the way you prove out your magnetic personality.

It’s a matter of great pleasure that men are coming out from their shell of traditional coyness regarding their underwear and are now eager to show off their sexy side, whoever has it. Men’s underwear manufacturers are advertising their products in various ways and often in a way that deceives people. Hence, you should not go by the appeal of the advertisement, rather it is fully your personal choice. You should buy which you think will be ideal for you, which you think would suite you the best.

A market study reveals that even when the world economy was under a threat and the so called recession was taking away almost everyone’s job, men’s undergarments stood high still at that time.

It is not like that a man would show off his underwear in front of everyone. Then the question comes- ‘what’s the point then in buying fashionable undergarments?’ well, it was never about showing off them except those male dancers. What it all deals with is the feel good factor about the products that they are using. Men, like women of these days, can feel comfortable about their underwear both physically and mentally.

And when it comes to, there is a huge opportunity for every single man to choose from a wide range of collection of men’s undergarments. As it is a personal choice, no one would prompt or insist you on buying anything. You can hover through thousands of product, searching and settling down as per you comfort and style statement.

Underwear for a Gay Party

Friday, June 10th, 2011

The advancement in the fashion industry has brought in changes not only to the outer dresses like t-shirts, jeans, etc that we wear but also to the inner wears. In fact special under wears are now being designed for specific occasions. Special attention is paid on not only the quality of the under wears but also on the variety of colors, styles, sizes, etc that are available.

Many brands these days also design specific gay men’s underwear as well which serve for gay parties mainly. These brands include Ajaxx63, Baxter of California, Beach Brasil, Platinum sport, Tyler & Tyler and many other brands produce gay men’s underwear and they are available online as well. There is a huge competition these days in this market and thus keeping up with the quality and meeting the customer demands is of utmost importance.

During a gay party one of the prime things that attract a person is the underwear. For this purpose many brands have started designing gay men’s underwear which exclusively serves for this purpose. Especially for gays it is the perfect thing to look after. A major advantage is that it is easily available online and there are several categories of which one is this and so one can find it quickly as well.

If you are a gay and planning for a romantic time with the special one in your life then choosing an attractive gay men’s underwear is the perfect thing that you can do to impress your partner. This will spice up your night and make it even hotter than the summer days that you have spent. Wearing perfect size underwear also makes you feel comfortable from inside and thus gives you self confidence. Nicely fitted underwear may increase the look of your bulge both inside and outside the pants. This will thus help you in spicing up the night in the way you wanted it to be.

Apart from these wearing gay men’s underwear gives a great amount of comfort and positive notes in the people. After being satisfied by their partner they tend to feel much more happy than usual. Their concentration on their work also increases to a great deal and hence wearing gay men’s underwear can be the right thing to look for an overall development of your personality. A confident look will help you in solving all the problems in a much smarter way.

Triple XXX- the Choice of the New Millennium

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The new-age youth groups need constant reinvention and for them the brand Triple XXX is the ideal choice in sexy men’s clothing.

Triple XXX is the new urban and hip line from the range of Mundo Unico underwear. This Colombian company manufactures mens sexy clothes of great quality, innovative cuttings, sexy prints and unique colour combinations.

Their range of brief underwear is truly amazing. The Supremo is a creation on its own with a combination of materials like cotton, polyester and Lycra which gives it a really exquisite finish and feel.

The Contender Brief, with its combination of cotton and Lycra, is comfortable, and at the same time, the prints are a bold statement. The Machination Brief combines all the elements of fun, style and comfort. The Boxer Brief underwear has many variations.

Their Neopunk Boxer Briefs with a combination of cotton and Lycra is a great buy. The Night Out Boxer Briefs, Machination Boxers and Contender Boxers are investments for those who want comfort as the main factor. The Audacity Boxers are a combination of polyester, cotton and spandex which gives sheen to the entire thing. Their Long Boxer Brief underwear has types like Boxer Confusion, Boxer Irreverence and Boxer Urbe underwear are a mix of cotton and lycra which acts the comfort factor and these sexy clothes men can get in fun and attractive colours like bright yellow and greens.

The Triple XXX range uses light materials like cotton, Lycra and spandex. The brand adds a unique and typical South American sizzle to its production. The vibrant colours and cool graphic prints add the fun factor to this sexy man clothes which are the epitome of sexy men fashion. They cater to every occasion and mood.

Triple XXX underwear has sexy designs that gives lends an exceptional support and shape to your package. They are durable and can be washed in machine without any harm caused to the sexy clothes men adore to wear. For truly unique and fun selections of mens sexy clothes visit the Triple XXX section at

Thong Swimwear- the Latest Bold Style Statement in Designer Men’s Swimwear

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Thongs are fast becoming the latest rage in sexy men fashion. If you like to flaunt your boldness, then thongs are the perfect options for you!

A thong is regarded as the predecessor of the loincloth, and is supposed to be the earliest form of clothing known to man. Many tribal groups were supposed to be using this type of clothing in the earlier times. The first public appearance of the thongs can be said to have been in 1939 at the World Fair in the U.S. when Fiorello LaGuardia, the mayor of New York declared that the nude dancer’s of the city should cover themselves up. Rudi Gernreich, the famous fashion designer is supposed to have introduced the first thong bikini in 1974. Fredericks of Hollywood started selling them in the early 80’s, followed by other brands. Now the market for this sexy men’s clothing has vastly grown with many men donning his bold and beautiful article of designer men’s swimwear.

There are different kinds of this sexy man clothes available. All the leading lingerie brands like Joe Snyder, Gary Majdell and others produce this kind of swimwear. You can make a selection from more than 150 different styles, colours and textures. They can be in solids or in mesh. Mesh adds up on the fun and naughtiness quotient. You can either opt for mono colours, or fun and bold prints like jungle prints, cheetah and rainbow ones. The camouflage ones are really seductive as well. String thong swimwear narrows at the back a little. You can also opt for stripes and checks as well. Bulge thongs and launch thongs give a real lift so that you look your best always. The c-ring ones have a great fit and give you a wonderful enhancement.

Most of these sexy clothes men wear are made from materials like nylon, Lycra and spandex in varying proportions. The materials are usually stretchy so as to provide no discomfort.

In these sexy men’s clothing there is generally a hidden opening in the pouch which supports and lifts the front portion. The elasticity of the thongs provides a snug fit always. Some have no liner, as a result of which, they can be worn as swimsuit, underwear as well as sportswear.

Check out the vast range of the latest sexy man clothes sensation at great prices at

Sexy Tiger or Gentle Lamb- Joe Snyder for All

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Whether you are a conservative soul or an adventurous person willing to flaunt your sexuality to the world, Joe Snyder is meant for all.

The brand was founded in 1958 at Mexico by Jesus Vargas Abin who himself designed sexy men’s clothing for those willing to experiment. Later on, the brand was inherited by his son, who brought newer ideas and fresh conceptions to the forefront. As a result, in spite of being such an old and established company, it has not lost its touch and continues to go strong.

The range of bikini swimwear has more than 100 varieties and is available in different vibrant colours and prints. Their unique elastic feature offers a beautiful snug fit. These have no liner, as a result of which it can be used as swimwear, underwear and sportswear. The material is stretchable, thus ensuring that it can go larger or smaller according to the need of the hour. The waist band is double-seamed and durable. They can be found in normal material as well as sheer and mesh.

The boxer brief underwear and swimwear manufactured by them boast of many unique prints. Like all of their sexy clothes for men, they are multipurpose and more than 95 varieties of styles and colours can be found. The G string range of underwear and swimwear are available in various vivacious colours and prints and designs.

The jock strap underwear can be got of sling varieties with a button at the front so that the front part can be detached or attached at will. The spider and the peekaboos types are really bold and sexy. Long boxer brief underwear is made of cotton and is very comfortable. Joe Snyder running shorts are made of nylon and Lycra spandex and are available in as many as 10 vibrant colours. The square cut trunk underwear and swimwear are obtainable in around 100 styles in various colours and prints. The thong swimwear and underwear are available in almost 60 types.

The materials used by the brand are always top of the line. Their fabrics are guaranteed by DuPont with support from the Lycra brand, so there is no question of them ever compromising on the quality. The fabric is made so that they fit extremely well.

Joe Snyder uses a very modern technology for manufacturing its range of sexy clothing for men. Since they are unlined they are multipurpose and can be used as swimsuit, underwear and sportswear. Go and experience the Joe Snyder fever by browsing through the collection at

Irreplaceable Sauvage clothing Unleashes its Charm in the World of Sexy Men Fashion

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010


The brand Sauvage is a unique name in the world of clothing, especially producing sexy clothes men love to wear.

It is owner and chief designer Elizabeth Southwood’s brainchild, and has been creating ripples ever since its conception. Their designs are exotic and cutting-edge. Southwood combines the vibrant colors of nature and bold and graphic prints to create truly unique master-pieces.

Sauvage manufactures several items of clothing like long sleeved and short sleeved t-shirts, trousers, shorts and various types of sexy men’s clothing like underwear and swimwear. In fact, their collection of beachwear is truly mind-boggling. Although more famous for its line of swimwear for women, the range of mens sexy clothes have become very popular.

The Sauvage bikini swimwear range is made from a combination of nylon and Lycra and is available in racer brief and low rise operator pouch brief styles. They are basically minimalistic with one or two stripes at the sides. The Sauvage boardshorts beachwear and loose boxer shorts underwear are modest brightly colorful and made of 100% nylon. They are the ideal if you are not comfortable with displays. Square cut trunk swimwear is made with Italian microfiber. The designer men’s swimwear also includes shorts swimwear made from Italian micro fiber, nylon, Lycra with mesh liner and side pockets. They can be in mono colors, stripes, checks and more. The Sauvage shorts are available in slim cuts and retro styles. The materials mainly used are terry and Lycra.

Sauvage sexy man clothes are made from high quality fabrics and materials and are long lasting and durable. Their bold and innovative designs of sexy clothes men love to wear and flaunt. The name Sauvage is trusted and one of the most used ones today.

The assortment of sexy men’s clothing including designer men’s swimwear and underwear produced by Sauvage are exclusive and trendy. They have really comfortable with luxurious cotton mesh lining which are soft and supple. They are known around the world for their unique prints and graphics.

To make a more informed choice and buy one that is fitted to your tastes as well as budget visit and browse through a vast collection of Sauvage and get to know about the latest in sexy men fashion.

Arroyman Underwear for the Fussy Male in You

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010


If you are one man who believes in looking as good inside as outside, then the Arroyman range of underwear is just the thing for you.

The brand Arroyman was founded in Chile. They are inspired by the beauty of the various breath-taking beaches of Brazil and it shows in their use colours and prints.

Their bikini swimwear and underwear range is of a high quality and meant for tasteful and stylish men. The seams are reinforced, and the fabrics contain Lycra (as a result of which they are very expandable), thus ensuring maximum durability. They are not only stylish but you actually enjoy wearing them. The unique frontal design does not squash the frontal region. They have an inner lining, and they are chlorine and UV resistant which makes them last a long time. They are luxuriously soft and very light, as a result of which they are highly breathable. The frontal seam and pouch gives full support and lift.

The boxer brief underwear is ideal if you want to flaunt the contours of your back and front. Their mesh bikini underwear is made of 100% polyester mesh. It gives a hint of transparency which is vastly sexy and provocative. There are many options to their jock straps and pouch underwear as well. You can choose from the backless variety which is a highly bold statement. They lend a gentle support holding everything in place. The spandex material in this sexy men clothing lends it a comfort factor. They are great for work outs and come with double stitching at the front.

The square cut trunk swimwear has a tightly fitted pouch that enhances your package. It is both durable as well as fast-drying. It is resistant to salt water, sun and chlorine. The sunga variety has drawstrings, and the Arroyman range of thong underwear and swimwear comes in more than 20 different varieties. These are the perfect swimwear for sunbathing. It has a thong back and a string waist, and they are stretchy as well as breathable. It gives a secure hold due to the inclusion of a specially designed cup. Arroyman has a vast and unique range of long sleeved, tank top, muscle top and short sleeved t shirts as well as sleepwear and shorts.

The Arroyman does not compromise on the quality and uses only finest varieties. They always search for prefer exotic fabrics. Arroyman sexy man clothes always give a great fit to ensure that you look your best always. Their sexy clothes are individually and uniquely styled.

To get more information, browse Arroyman at

2xist – Turning Heads With a Casual yet Sophisticated Combo

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

If you are looking for a brand that perfectly combines casualness with sophistication then 2xist is the answer for you.

The company was founded at New York. Started in 1991, the brand has gone on to become one of the most loved brands of sexy men’s clothing with its unique blend of the casual with the suave. It is said to be the forerunner of designer men’s swimwear and underwear and is the choice of the man of today.

Their range of Carbon No Show Briefs is made from carbon fibre fabric made by bamboo burnt in to charcoal, which is then infused into a yarn of polyester at the time of spinning. The virtue of this process lies in the fact that they become extremely durable, and they easily absorb moisture more than any other fabric known to man. Thus, these sexy clothes men can wear all day long, no matter what the conditions without any discomfort. The other advantage of this fabric is that it is a natural deodorizer so that your package will smell great at all times. Their range of varsity trunks is very comfortable, and is made of fantastic modal-cotton, which can resist the wear and tear of time as well as harsh detergents. As a result, no matter how much you wash or use them, they will not fade or wear away. The Surf Collection Brief Underwear is really stunning. They are unique, and as surfing briefs they are the most comfortable ones that can be found.

2xist uses cotton and spandex, but the most unique feature of the materials used in the production of the underwear lies in the fact that they respect nature by using soy cottons, which are supposed to be the finest and comfort giving fabrics, and apparently more luxurious than even cashmere.

2xist is not a trend-follower but rather a trend-setter. This noted name in men’s sexy clothing always re-invents itself by coming up with new designs, fabrics and colours. They always try to out-do themselves by designing underwear that are softer, sexier, drier and more comfortable and elegant by far than any of their rivals. They research and cater for the exact preference and need of their customers. 2xist does not step back on trying newer and bolder concepts.

If you think that the brand is right for you then browse through the entire collection of 2xist underwear at and experience it for yourself.