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XTG Extreme Game- menswear for the extremely sporty male

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

The Spanish clothing brand for male XTG Extreme Game, is the brainchild of Luis Mentado and is made and arrives from Canary Islands. The influence of the designs for underwear and other menswear are taken from masculine themes like prints of skulls, adult comics, tattoos and vivid colours. The main features of design line are the original and spectacular motives as well as the madness that the designer exhibits. The line is exciting, exquisite and fresh and is aimed to flatter the male body. The main focus of attention of the products of XTG Extreme Game is the modern and dynamic man who wants innovation but at the cost of comfort.

The huge range of products produced by the brand include armbands, bikini swimwear, bags, boxer brief underwear, boardshorts beachwear, hats, bags, brief underwear, long underwear pants, long sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, short sleeved shirts, pants, shorts, short sleeved t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts swimwear, tank top t shirts, sweaters and cardigans, towels, etc.

There are various collections of each style depending on the cut and use of patterns and colours. The bikini swimwear is crafted from a blend of 15% lycra and 85% polyamide. There are various collections like DEAN, CAPTAIN, SPACE, MARINE, BORA BORA, LOST ANGEL, SPUR, FUN CLUB, CICER, AUTHENTIC, HAPY, SOLDIER, SEADEEP, BESIDE, etc.

The boardshorts beachwear is made from 100% polyester material and is available in 3 ranges or collections- WANADOO, WAXX and OCEAN, according to the patterns of the swimwear.

The boxer brief collection has ranges like BLACKLETTER, FEELING, TROUBLE, THAI, GYMBOY, etc. the material used is steel microfiber, a mix of 11% spandex and 89% polyamide. The range is colourful, fun, vibrant and sporty.

The brief underwear of XTG Extreme Game comes in ranges like GYMBOY, TROUBLE, EXTREME FLAKES, THAI, OLYMPIC, LEAVEME, SURFER, FEELING, BLACKLETTER, VUDU DOLL, etc. The material used is a blend of 8% spandex and 92% polyamida.

XTG Extreme Game’s loose boxer shorts come in two ranges- VUDU DOLL and SURFER. The material used to craft this article of clothing is 100% cotton which will give you 10o% comfort!

The square cut trunk swimwear is available in ranges- BUZIOS, BEST, IPANEMA, COPACABANA, MOBILE, HOLY, VIETNAM, AQUARIUM AND ROLLS. The mix of 15% lycra and 85% polyamide is used to craft the clothing.

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For sexy and elegant moments- Elegant Moments underwear

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The American lingerie manufacturer Elegant Moments first started its production around 1983. It has built up a reputation for itself in producing various kinds of lingerie meant to spice things up in the bedroom and has maintained that reputation through the years!

The varieties of items manufactured by Elegant Moments underwear are costumes of different kinds, boxer brief underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, pouch underwear, harness, vests, etc.

The boxer brief underwear manufactured by Elegant Moments is far from being like ordinary boxer briefs meant for daily wear, and there is nothing ordinary or everyday about them! You can get them in leather, vinyl and fishnets. The vinyl and leather boxer brief has a breakaway front! To heighten the brooding sexy factor these are available in black!

Elegant Moments produces a number of costumes aimed to add to the spice in your bedroom! There are costumes like shipwreck stud, hot patrol, pirate, army man, rack hunter, leather harness with attached pouch underwear, etc. There are even costumes meant for couples like the paradise couple’s costume, fantasy flight black couple’s costume, dream team couple’s costume, surgical team couple’s costume, wild couple’s costume, etc. There is also their vinyl penguin pouch underwear with a penguin on the pouch.

If you want to impress your partner with a set of harnesses, then Elegant Moments has the solution for that as well! The brand manufactures fine quality harnesses in 4 pieces and they are adjustable too! The set includes the arms bands, collar and leather harnesses.

Jockstrap underwear of Elegant Moments is available in lycra and leather. The underwear is available in one size that will fit all. The style produced by the brand is not only full of functionality and utility but stylish as well!

The pouch underwear is available in normal and g string types, and in most materials like leather and vinyl. One of the styles of men’s underwear is available with O rings that enhance the appeal and sexiness of the underwear!

Even their thong underwear is available in leather and vinyl. So you can choose from the shiny and matte finish. There are varieties like one with lace up front, one with snaps, with cut out front, etc.

The leather vests for men area available with snap front and side pockets.

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Eros Veneziani- the Italian answer to sexy men’s underwear

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

?The Italian brand Eros Veneziani is the country’s answer for sexy and fine men’s underwear and swimwear whose appeal does not depend on the time or class of people! They not only have underwear and swimwear but also make hats and undershirts. Their appeal lies in the fact their products boast of great quality and clearly reflect the sophistication of European styling! The designs of Eros Veneziani are for those people who like being daring, naughty and erotic!

The products that Eros Veneziani produces and sells includes bikini swimwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, bodysuits, g string, pouch underwear, jock straps, thong underwear and swimwear, jeans, trousers, short sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc.

The materials that the brand uses are of the finest quality! They may be blends of varying proportions like 15% elastane and 85% polyamide for bikini swimwear, etc. The boxer brief underwear has various kinds of styles and cuts and you can choose from the choices galore. Some of them are padded in front to highlight and enhance your profile! They even come with netting at the sides, which increases the novelty factor. The PVC boxer brief underwear of Eros Veneziani is one of the high points of erotic and sexy fashion that is advocated by the brand with its reflective and shiny surface formed with a combination of 3% elastane, 40% polyamide and 57% polyuretane.

The pouch brief underwear has a brief back and has contrast binding and is made of 20% elastane and 80% polyamide. The g string underwear of Eros Veneziani comes with detachable strings and has contrast piping. The style comes printed in a variety of prints like plumes, leopard, etc.

The pouch underwear comes with detachable pouches! Even the thong swimwear of Eros Veneziani comes with detachable front, adding to the erotica factor!

The thong underwear comes in a variety of choices. Only thing of concern that you will find it hard to get your hands on a pair that is ordinary as most of the styles have some unique feature or the other. In fact, one of the thongs manufactured is covered with chains and is made entirely out of metal. This article is downright erotic and sexy!

Even their bodysuits are sexy and exquisitely crafted with the sides of net and see through.

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Go crazy with Falocco Collection

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

This fashion label has been in existence since 1995 and the famous designer John Falocco is its creator. Their line of activewear and swimwear for men is not only of high quality but extremely sensual and seductive as well. While designing each of their men’s underwear styles the provision of fit, style and comfort has been kept in mind.

The contour of the designed swimwear and underwear is aimed at celebrating and flattering the male body in all its glory! Only the finest quality fabrics are used and hand cut by John Falocco himself and the uniqueness of their designs and styles is such that you are bound to turn quite a few heads when flaunting them at the pool or the beach!

Their brief bikini swimwear is available in a number of different shades and types. You can choose from plain styles or from the various prints that can be got in an array of colours! You can even get them in a flag of America design, which is where the brand was born. Get them in nylon-lycra blend or in mesh for a super sexy affect!

The bikini swimwear in Falocco Collection is available in the basic colours- white and black and is made of transparent, offering a vast amount of teasing and titillation! The mesh is spun out of a mix of 15% lycra and 85% nylon. This is not meant for the fainthearted so make sure that you can dare to bare before you buy them!

The boardshorts that the brand manufactures are meant for the athletic men and the look is aptly so! The fabric used is 100% polyester and the finish is water repellent and fast drying. It is low rise with drawstrings and is hand cut! It is available in colour combinations of black and white to give you an athletic feel!

Choose from solid coloured, printed or mesh types when it comes to thong swimwear. The fit is perfection itself, and has been designed solely for the purpose of glorifying the male body.

For bashful males too, Falocco Collection has the perfect way to showcase their style! Their square cut trunk swimwear collection is a myriad of beautiful colours, used in a way never thought possible before! The colours are eye catching and their varieties can blow off your mind!

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Get the best of both worlds with Geovanny Underwear

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

The American fashion brand Geovanny Underwear is quite ambitious with its aim at producing underwear that is only functional but does not fall on the style factor as well! The styles of underwear that the brand manufactures are all stylish as well as vastly functional!

The brand manufactures and produces a range of various styles of men’s underwear like bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, jock strap underwear, brief underwear, etc. Besides underwear it also produces tank top t shirts and short sleeved t shirts.

The bikini swimwear collection of Geovanny Underwear can become the hottest thing that you flaunt this summer. The swimwear has two zipper pockets on the side and there is a lovely sheen due to the material used which adds to the fun element. The colours that the bikini swimwear is available in are white, black, blood red and electric purple. Just pick whichever colour catches your fantasy.

The boxer brief collection of Geovanny Underwear has different ranges like Michael, Kal-El and Will. These are available in the basic colours white and black. If the base of the underwear is white, then the waistband is in black, adding to the contrast affect. The waistband has the Geovanny logo across it! They are available in ling cut and short cut varieties. The material used is a blend of 6% spandex and 94% cotton. The predomination of cotton means that no matter for how long you war them, you will feel comfortable.

The brief underwear collection also has varieties in the length and their specific functionalities. If you want plain colours, you can have solids but in a myriad of colours though! There is also the enhanced brief underwear which gives your assets an enhanced appearance. The fabric that predominates is cotton and the touch of spandex adds slight stretchability to it.

Jock straps are mainly used for their functionality, but here too you will find choices. There is the jockstrap that gives you only utility, and there is another called the garter jockstrap underwear which adds to the style factor of the garment with its bold and unique cut and design at the back. There are a number of colours available in the range including pink for those men who love to be bold and be different.

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Bring alive your fantasies with Fantasy lingerie

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Have you ever had any deep fantasies? Of course you have! But have all of them been ever fulfilled? Well, now here is the brand that helps you fulfil all of them! Fantasy Underwear is the company that has only aim in sight- to make sure that all your complaints regarding your fantasies not getting the taste of reality are meted out!

The name Fantasy Lingerie is apt as the main emphasis of the various styles of this brand’s underwear is to tap into the innermost fantasies of their customers! Various styles which you can choose from are brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, thong underwear, pouch underwear, etc.

There are many variations of their boxer brief underwear. One thing is common though- the fit is great and aimed to highlight all the attributes of the wearer. The Christmas collection really makes you feel as if Christmas has come early! There is the one with candy cane stripes, another which is furry in appearance and yet another with heart patterns on it, besides the conventional plain one.

The range of brief underwear that Fantasy Lingerie has is called love machine and it certainly lives up to its name! The long thing which is sticking out of the underwear adds to the erotica and heightens it by leaps and bounds!

The sheer variety of pouch underwear under Fantasy Lingerie collection is enough to take your breath away, not to mention what the stylish designs can do! There are types like Christmas candy cane posing strap, Christmas classic furry posing strap, Christmas perfect present posing strap, Christmas elf posing strap, Christmas snowman posing strap, Christmas Santa posing strap, I love you posing strap, Be My Valentine posing strap, etc. In fact, for thong underwear, the list can go on and on! The design and style of each one is unique just like all individuals are unique in their approach to life and tastes and requirements are one of a kind!

Fantasy Lingerie believes in using the finest fabric and materials available in the market. So despite the fact that they may look delicate they are really very strong and can withstand lot wear and tear!

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Get unique and playful with Gigo Underwear

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Gigo Underwear is like a Colombian melting pot of playful, colourful and unique designs and ideas related to men’s underwear! The underwear from Gigo Underwear bears the distinct reflection of diverse cultures that is the hallmark of Colombia, which is home to various cultures and ethnicities like Middle Eastern, African and Native American! The amazing concepts, styles, colours and ideas are due to these cultural influences.

A mere look at Gigo Underwear is enough to make you mesmerized with the styles and concepts which are vastly different from any other brands out there in the international market! In fact, the unique blend and choice of colours will surely hypnotise you!

The variety of styles that Gigo Underwear brings to you include boxer brief underwear, bikini swimwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, g string underwear, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts, long boxer brief underwear, short sleeved shirts, tank top t shirts, etc.

The designs and prints of each of the styles of Gigo Underwear are unique and one of a kind! Not only are the patterns unique, but the colours combinations are totally creative as well, and bound to leave you dazzled and pleasantly so! Feelings and thoughts are captured in the prints and designs of the underwear and that too with a precision that is breath taking!

The materials that are used to craft each piece of this artistic representation are various mixes in varying proportions of fabrics like nylon, spandex, cotton, polyester, lycra, etc. The variations in the percentage while mixing them lends unique elasticity, appeal and stretchability to each of the articles of clothing!

Gigo Underwear prides itself on the fit that it lends to the wearer! When you wear underwear from this brand, it is bound to highlight and emphasize each of your attributes to perfection!! In fact some of the underwear in their range have c rings to uplift and shape the package!

Each of the styles of underwear of Gigo Underwear does exactly what they are supposed to do! There are styles for the requirements of all. Their jockstrap underwear will provide full protection from shock and stress due to physical activities, while their swimwear collection is bound to turn a few heads and grab the attention of people when you are out at the beach or at swimming pool!

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Feeling the power of Zelus men’s underwear

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

This men’s underwear brand is a relatively new entrant in the world of men’s underwear and it is already creating ripples with its bold take on the styles of different kinds of sexy underwear for men. Their styles are bold and risqué and the patterns creative and wild. Zelus is a representation of the huge change that has developed with the active lifestyle which is demanding and taking a toll on the life of millions of people of today. The experience of wearing Zelus men’s underwear is a unique one with top quality materials used, which gives the wearer an ultimate feel and look.

Zelus men’s underwear helps redefine and refine styles of underwear as well as the expectations that a wearer has from it. The fit, style and comfort of the underwear are unparalleled and act as the key points and benefits of this underwear brand. The brand only uses the best quality materials available so that there can be no complaints about the material used, each of the manufactured products pass through rigorous testing so that the ultimate product that comes to you is the best. All these have contributed heavily to the ever-increasing popularity of this brand of men’s underwear.

According to the people at Zelus, even if underwear cannot be seen it is the most functional part of a person’s wardrobe, and it is essential that it is made from the best quality and makes the wearer feel good! There are basically two types of men’s underwear by Zelus – their rage- boxer brief underwear and brief underwear.

Their boxer brief underwear are available in a variety of colours and the material used in a combination of 7% lycra and 93% cotton. The mix in this proportion has the best of all the worlds- it is comfortable, offers perfect fit and contouring and dries off very quickly as well!

The brief underwear is available in traditional and hi cut styles. Both the styles can be got in a variety of different colours. The material used is 7% lycra and 93% cotton which offers the same beneficial qualities. The style of underwear can be available in combination of two colours as well which add a unique stylishness to it. This is definitely worth a look!

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2xist – Turning Heads With a Casual yet Sophisticated Combo

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

If you are looking for a brand that perfectly combines casualness with sophistication then 2xist is the answer for you.

The company was founded at New York. Started in 1991, the brand has gone on to become one of the most loved brands of sexy men’s clothing with its unique blend of the casual with the suave. It is said to be the forerunner of designer men’s swimwear and underwear and is the choice of the man of today.

Their range of Carbon No Show Briefs is made from carbon fibre fabric made by bamboo burnt in to charcoal, which is then infused into a yarn of polyester at the time of spinning. The virtue of this process lies in the fact that they become extremely durable, and they easily absorb moisture more than any other fabric known to man. Thus, these sexy clothes men can wear all day long, no matter what the conditions without any discomfort. The other advantage of this fabric is that it is a natural deodorizer so that your package will smell great at all times. Their range of varsity trunks is very comfortable, and is made of fantastic modal-cotton, which can resist the wear and tear of time as well as harsh detergents. As a result, no matter how much you wash or use them, they will not fade or wear away. The Surf Collection Brief Underwear is really stunning. They are unique, and as surfing briefs they are the most comfortable ones that can be found.

2xist uses cotton and spandex, but the most unique feature of the materials used in the production of the underwear lies in the fact that they respect nature by using soy cottons, which are supposed to be the finest and comfort giving fabrics, and apparently more luxurious than even cashmere.

2xist is not a trend-follower but rather a trend-setter. This noted name in men’s sexy clothing always re-invents itself by coming up with new designs, fabrics and colours. They always try to out-do themselves by designing underwear that are softer, sexier, drier and more comfortable and elegant by far than any of their rivals. They research and cater for the exact preference and need of their customers. 2xist does not step back on trying newer and bolder concepts.

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