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Amazing deals on Arroyman underwear only on Deal by Ethan

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The Chilean brand Arroyman is one hot and sexy underwear brand that has carved quite a reputation for itself! The products that they develop exude nothing but raw sexy appeal which is absolutely in your face! The fabrics used are exotic and the designs truly unique. It combines perfectly stylishness and sexiness of the South American continent to bring to you the Arroyman range.

The fit of their range of sexy men’s underwear is aimed for those men who are body conscious as they highlight the key features of the body so that the wearer can flaunt his body with style. The motto of the brand is that the underwear should be as good as the other items of clothing that is worn by the men of today and they succeed in recreating that motto through the underwear that they craft. The underwear is even individually styled to suit the tastes of varied people.

If you are the shy and reserved type, then the Arroyman range of shorts and square cut trunk swimwear is perfect for you! You can be conservative and stylish at the same time with this range. The materials used are soft and the fit is great so you conceal, but at the same time, reveal! The shorts are even used for biking activities are available in a variety of vibrant and fun colours. They are even available in sunga style cuts, which adds a dash of difference so that you can stand apart from the rest of the crowd!

Their bikini style is available in swimwear as well as underwear and is quite a popular choice for many. You can feel bold by wearing them underneath your clothes and flaunt off your perfect shape and body at the beach as well. Their brief and boxer brief underwear make for great experience as well due to the soft material used and body hugging fit of the underwear crafted.

Are you the sporty type? Then Arroyman range of jock strap underwear is perfect for you! They provide perfect lift, contouring and protection against shocks.

What’s more! You can now get amazing discounts and deals on Arroyman men’s underwear only if you buy from Deal by Ethan. Buy any three underwear of the brand and you can get a Bulge Bud Thong priced at $19.90 absolutely free! The huge selection makes it easy for you to choose the three too. In fact, you will be tempted to buy more than you need!

Men jammers swimsuits are best option for swimmers and athletes

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Men swimsuits are now available in different styles and colors. Unlike women swimwear which mainly consists of bikini, thongs etc men swimsuits comes in variety of styles like Trunks, Jammers, Board shorts, Thongs, Racers, Boxer Shorts, Speedo style briefs etc. There are numerous brands and styles of swimsuits available in the market and the choice lies in the hands of the men who are going to wear them. Men usually go for simple designs and basic colors but with the change in the fashion trends and apparel industry, swimwears too have gone under a transformation. Now men can choose from the various designs, styles and colors while choosing the swimsuit.

Men jammers Swimwear is usually the best choice or option for athletes and swimmers. They are tight fitting and smooth and offer very good support in competitions and races. They cover the men from mid waist till above the knees. They are similar to the cycling shorts used by cyclists and racers in appearance. They are usually made of fabrics like Lycra, nylon, spandex to offer elasticity and fit and also water resistant. Certain men jammers swimsuit is designed in a particular fashion so that it offers more buoyancy to the swimmer and also helps the body to maintain particular swimming positions.

Men jammers are used by athletes and non athletes during training, gym activities or work out, cycling, racing, running and mostly for water sports or activities. Compared to other swimsuits jammers have excellent water resistant capacity as the materials or fabric used in the making has better water resistance capability. Some jammers of certain brands and make have chlorine resistant fabric and are best for swimming in chlorinated pools or water. Swimwear like Board shorts; trunks etc are also good option for men. They form the casual wear usually worn by men on beaches during relaxed activities and playing sports.

Most men prefer swimwear which offers great fit and are also high on comfortability factor. Young guys prefer swimwear which is minimal and shows off their physique so that they can attract female attention. Thus different people have different choices of swimwear according to their tastes and preferences. Online shopping of such swimsuits is better as online stores offer all the brands. Online sites like is of great help as several well known brands are available for purchase with their variety of styles of undergarments and swimwear. Brands like Speedo, Aqualina, Aquaswiss, Starwear, Playboy, Jellyfish Swimwear, and Beach Brasil are available here.

Types of men’s undergarments

Monday, July 4th, 2011

From past several years a lot of change has occurred in the garments industry. Earlier the change was only seen in the outer fits. But from past several years a big change is seen in the inner wear too. In today’s time even men have become conscious about their attire just like women. Several designs have come up matching the built of every man. Men should be very particular before choosing the right undergarment. Let us look at few of the most common types of men’s undergarments which are readily available. This will help one in choosing the right undergarment for oneself.

The most conventional type of men’s undergarment is the brief. The brief is in fly style and has a Y shaped frontal opening. Brief is available in low rise and mid rise. The waistband is fashioned in such a way that it fits well on the waist. The material covers up to the thighs which help in covering the butt fully. Nearly four inches of material is used which helps in giving maximum protection to ones private organs. In mid rise brief the waistband falls two inches under the waist. In low rise briefs, the waistband falls three inches under the waist.

Another popular type of undergarment for many guys is boxer. It is fashioned in such a manner that it reaches up to the thighs and helps in covering the butt fully. Boxers fit well in loose fitting pants. Boxer can be worn as shorts too at the same time it can be worn as undies. Boxers are highly comfortable. It helps in giving extra fitness in the thigh region and allows easy movements.

A combination of two sorts of styles boxer and brief has given birth to a third style boxer brief. Boxer briefs are very popular amongst the sport lovers. Boxer briefs have a cut opening which quite resembles to tampered type boxer. Boxer briefs style resembles to brief undies and offers better support. It gives a fabulous fitting and is chosen and liked by many guys. Boxer briefs are helpful if worn during sports activities. It also fits perfectly well in tight fitting pants.

All the above undergarments are easily available in different designs and colors. There are even designs on the waistbands; some may even have images on it to give it a much personalized look. Different types of men’s undergarments can be picked from several shops, designer boutiques as well as online store like which offer best brands under one roof.

Men’s Square Cut Trunk Swimwear

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Men’s square cut trunk swimwear is a swimwear very similar to that of the drawer or boxer underwear. Those who feel a bit uncomfortable in the more adventurous swimwear like G-string swimwear or pouch swimwear, men’s square cut trunk swimwear is the ideal one for them. It adds an extra layer of privacy while swimming. It is designed in such a way that would provide you more comfort and give you an absolutely sexy look.

Once there was a time when the very term ‘metrosexual’ was used to dignify a particular type of man who gave priority to their outfit and look. They were kind of separated from the others as a different class of people. But attitude of men has undergone a vast change as now a days, the very term ‘metrosexual’ brings no more sense to us, because now, we all are conscious about our fashion in some way or the other.

We may not have noticed it, but the truth is, men these days spend a lot of their time and energy in order to look attractive and sexy. Men’s underwear is one such revolutionary evolution that has taken place in the history of men’s fashion. May be they are not visible when you use it, but if it is a swimwear, and if you are swimming in a swimming pool with lots of people around you, then the look, fitting and the brand bear a lot more significance to you. And if you belong to that class of shy, still fashion conscious male, men’s square cut trunk swimwear is your ideal one.

It comes with prolonged trunks around your thighs and would cover more area of your thigh than the other common swimwear. They may come in different colors. But as swimwear is the only thing that you wear while swimming, the color must be chosen wisely so that it doesn’t look odd to the eyes. Blue, maroon, black etc. can be ideal. This type has a more body hugging feeling than the other types.

Hence, if you are interested and planning to buy it, none other than can be a better place. It is full of many world famous brands and types of men’s square cut trunk swimwear. So, go to and order you own swimwear!

Attractive men’s Pouch Swimwear Online

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

As attitude of men towards the underwear has undergone a vast change, no doubt the underwear companies have become bolder in introducing new designs. Men’s pouch swimwear is a men’s swimming underwear that came into the market as an experimental design. Because of the changed attitude of men, it proved to be extremely successful. These days, it has been one of the most popular men’s swimwear available in the market.

As the name itself suggests, it has a U shaped pouch in between your thighs. Obviously, the pouch is made with a double layer of cloth in order to provide extra protection to your private parts. The reason why it is named so is the pouch in it. This pouch is the main and the most attractive characteristic of this type of swimwear. You would always feel light and sometimes, you would feel as if you are not wearing anything. That actually adds to its appeal. You feel so light and at the same time, you are absolutely safe.

With the extra and unnecessary amount of cloths deducted from its design, the men’s pouch swimwear has been given a handy, smart, light and at the same time a sexy look. It can be predicted with eyes closed that any women, whoever she might be, won’t be able to stop looking at you while you will be swimming with a men’s pouch swimwear around your waist. Others are quite ok but if you have a bit tough built; it is no doubt the ideal one for you. offers you a large collection of men’s underwear among which men’s pouch swimwear in one. It is a men’s swimwear with a handy and sexy look. It would provide you a light feeling and at the same time would give you absolute comfort.

There are different types of this kind now available in the market. Most of them are made from elastic cloth with an elastic run on seaming. Others have the seamless and tag less inside built. Men’s pouch swimwear is available in different colors.

In, you can choose your desired pouch swimwear as it has a collection of not only world famous brands but also a vast types of designs. You only have to browse through the categories or the brands and whatever you think to buy, just click on it and follow the on-screen instruction. has made your private shopping this much easy! Hence, what are you waiting for? Make a rush and start finding the ideal pouch swimwear for you!

Fashion trends in men’s underwear

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Fashion trends have made their way into the wardrobe of men. It is not just limited to the females alone. Men’s underwear is not just limited to boxers and briefs. There has been introduction of stylish and sexy inner wear in the catalogue of men’s underwear. Everyday different brands are introducing and launching different styles of underwear for men who have brought about a transformation not only in the fashion world but also in the preferences of inner wear among men. Designers of men’s underwear are trying new things everyday and launching new designs and styles of underwear for men by using different colors, fabrics and designs.

Men’s underwear which includes the basic boxers and briefs had always been restricted to the color white with very limited designs and styles. However things have changed designers while designing boxers and briefs are playing with vibrant colors and using fabrics which are more comfortable. Stylish underwear which makes the man feel sexy and comfortable at the same time is preferred by men. It pleases and appeals to them. Recently it has been a trend among guys and men to wear low waist jeans and pants displaying branded underwear. Men believe that wearing good branded underwear represents their lifestyle and status.

Fabrics like Lycra, mesh and other breathable fabrics are being used by designers as these are comfortable and appeal to the men. Sheer materials and silk which were only used for female lingerie are being used for men’s underwear. New patterns of boxers are being introduced like u shaped, v shaped, baggy fitting, body hugging etc for men of different tastes. Brands like Pipe Underwear, Arroyman, Doreanse, NY Jox, Male Basics Lingerie, Narcisco, California Muscle, Aware Soho etc are available in various online stores from where these latest and trendy underwear can be purchased. These companies are innovative in design and making of underwear and appeals to the men immensely as they suit their taste and preferences.

Majority of men prefer wearing regular boxers, either boxer briefs or boxer shorts. They use it on a daily basis and so comfort factor ranks top in the basic need list. Athletic men prefer boxer briefs as they are comfortable as well as fitting. Various kinds of boxers are available for use which are sexy as well as comfortable and offers support and cover. Some are body hugging and have good fit while some are regular loose fitting ones usually used for sleeping. Woven boxers are also preferred by men who use tight fitting or slim shaped trousers as they offer perfect fit. It is best for people who are wearing low waist jeans.

Men’s swimwear – The newest fashion attraction

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

With the growing demands and changes in the fashion trends of people has led fashion to the inner wears as well. These days’ people have become conscious about their swim wears as well. It depends on the people what they want to wear. Swim wears of all types are now available in the market. A wide range of options are thus present and hence one can decide on how much he wants to cover up or show off.

Men’s shorts swimwears are now available which provide for the perfect tiny bathing suit requirements of men. One can choose a swimwear which enhances the appearance of his crotch. Wearing men’s short swimwear can also lead to a kind of surprise when it gets wet. However one’s tastes is valued in case of men’s shorts swimwear and hence one should choose a swimwear in which he is most comfortable and looks good as well.

Basket, Boys and their Hardwear, Culture Cuffs, Hugo Boss, Private Member, Yves Saint Laurent, etc are only some of the brands that produce a wide variety of men’s shorts swimwear. These brands have a lot to offer to the ones who are conservative as well. There are a lot of designer swim wears which look good and attractive and they also value functionality above style as well. They however give an excellent look to the legs and butt and thus have been in great demand these days. Men’s shorts swimwear is also being worn to attract people to one’s tan and also see his great swimming abilities.

However, majority of men like wearing swimwear that shows off as much as possible. A decency limit is however still maintained by them. One must also use lotion for their butt else it may burn and get tanned as well in the sun.

The best of the swimwear these days are the ease with which they are available. provides the best brands of men’s shorts swimwear at just a mouse click. This not only saves a lot of time and effort of the people but it saves their money as well as they are available at the cheapest prices. Apart from it different sizes of all the brands and their different colors and designs are also available and hence one can choose from the widest range of swim wears from this website.

Buying sexy men’s underwear online can save your time and money

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

The growth and advancement in the technology has enabled all kinds of services that one can even think of. With the help of internet these days one can reach anywhere and also ask for things to reach to him as well. Be it clothes or utensils or sexy men’s underwear you can get the best quality of brands of them delivered to your place now. Apart from saving your precious time and money, buying sexy men’s underwear from the internet also has the advantage that it provides a wide range of options of the brands to choose from. All the best brands of sexy men’s underwear are available online like Addicted, All that remains, Aware soho, Bone wear, etc.

There are other advantages to look in for when you are buying a sexy men’s underwear online. One does not need to worry at all about the size and quality of the underwear. You can also be completely assured about the price of the product and in fact you will be offered to choose from not only a wide variety of brands but can look in for your favorite color, perfect size, etc. thus instead of hopping from one shop to another and wasting time in selecting a nice brand and demanding for their sizes you can directly order your sexy men’s underwear from the internet.

One should not be worried about the prices as well as the best of deals are these days offered online on the internet and not on shops. One can choose from boxers, work out shorts, sexy body suits, etc as well. Thus all that you have to do is pick up your choice and click on it. Hence saving enormous amount of time, money and harassment to hop around and shop as well.

These days the sexy men’s underwear has achieved a great deal of importance as well. Wearing a good quality branded underwear of your choice changes your outlook and brings a great deal of confidence inside you. With the best size and the sexy men’s underwear of your choice and color you will feel much more comfortable and thus be more confident in all your work. Thus buying underwear online is the best thing to do as it provides you the widest range of choices at the same place and primarily saves your most valued time and money as well.

Triple XXX- the Choice of the New Millennium

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The new-age youth groups need constant reinvention and for them the brand Triple XXX is the ideal choice in sexy men’s clothing.

Triple XXX is the new urban and hip line from the range of Mundo Unico underwear. This Colombian company manufactures mens sexy clothes of great quality, innovative cuttings, sexy prints and unique colour combinations.

Their range of brief underwear is truly amazing. The Supremo is a creation on its own with a combination of materials like cotton, polyester and Lycra which gives it a really exquisite finish and feel.

The Contender Brief, with its combination of cotton and Lycra, is comfortable, and at the same time, the prints are a bold statement. The Machination Brief combines all the elements of fun, style and comfort. The Boxer Brief underwear has many variations.

Their Neopunk Boxer Briefs with a combination of cotton and Lycra is a great buy. The Night Out Boxer Briefs, Machination Boxers and Contender Boxers are investments for those who want comfort as the main factor. The Audacity Boxers are a combination of polyester, cotton and spandex which gives sheen to the entire thing. Their Long Boxer Brief underwear has types like Boxer Confusion, Boxer Irreverence and Boxer Urbe underwear are a mix of cotton and lycra which acts the comfort factor and these sexy clothes men can get in fun and attractive colours like bright yellow and greens.

The Triple XXX range uses light materials like cotton, Lycra and spandex. The brand adds a unique and typical South American sizzle to its production. The vibrant colours and cool graphic prints add the fun factor to this sexy man clothes which are the epitome of sexy men fashion. They cater to every occasion and mood.

Triple XXX underwear has sexy designs that gives lends an exceptional support and shape to your package. They are durable and can be washed in machine without any harm caused to the sexy clothes men adore to wear. For truly unique and fun selections of mens sexy clothes visit the Triple XXX section at

Trend-Setters Opt Only for Delio Dietz

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Delio Dietz is a unique but popular name for people who love to set trends and opt for the stylish and innovative in sexy men’s clothing.

Delio Dietz’s range of bikini swimwear has a unique concept of a tattoo-like drawing at the back which looks quite good. The tattoo slip swimwear is available with a lining and a drawstring. Their underwear collection is very comfortable and made from mainly polyamide and elastane. The mesh ones are really sexy, while the bikini type underwear is the epitome of style. They are available in various colours and prints like animal ones.

Their boxer brief underwear range is very comfortable and its combination of polyamide, elastene in microfiber Polycat lends a nice reflective sheen. Their brief underwear is available in peek cut out slip, mesh and slip bikini varieties. The g strings of this brand of men’s sexy clothes are made from the fabric of the highest quality. The workmanship is superb and comfort factor amazing. The jock straps manufactured by the company are sexy but at the same time it does not compromise on the quality and comfort. They are made from cotton or viscose and as a result of it they are light, natural, comfortable and stretchy.

The square cut swimwear made from Lycra sports a wet look. The drawstring and lining concept adds to the comfort factor. Their thongs are made of the finest fabric with excellent craftsmanship. They are cut daringly narrow at the front and have a minimal coverage. They are stretchy, smooth and sexy and made from nylon and spandex. The range of muscle top t shirts, short sleeved t shirts and tank top t shirts are equally worthy of being a part of sexy men fashion.

The Delio Dietz’s range of underwear has unique styles. They do not compromise on the quality and are extremely well-crafted. They use only the finest quality fabrics and state of the art manufacturing technology. The range of designer men’s sexy clothing are comfortable and a real eye-candy. They feed the imaginations of your partner. In fact, it is claimed by many who have used this brand of sexy underwear for men that they actually give you a feeling of flying!

Browse through the entire Delio Dietz’s collection at and see for yourse