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Get a Pistol Pete Magnum Open Back Trunk Underwear to look bold and sexy!

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Boxer brief underwear is most apt for men who like to look good or are naturally good looking as they provide a great fit and superior comfort over any kind of underwear available in the market. Whether you are a fan of boxer or briefs, you will surely benefit from the fit and style of boxer briefs. One brand that brings out trend-setting boxer brief underwear is the well-known brand Pistol Pete.

Established in 1997 by designer Pedro Diaz, Pistol Pete is known for bringing out the latest in men’s sportswear, athletic wear, swimwear and underwear. This renowned brand of menswear is sought after by brand and image conscious men for its distinct, classy and truly magnificent cuts, styles, fits and colours. Pistol Pete has always believed in offering stylish men’s outfits that offer extreme comfort and class. Besides trendy boxer brief underwear, this designer brand also offers bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, bodysuits, brief underwear, jammer swimwear, jockstrap underwear, long sleeved shirts, long sleeved T shirts, muscle top T shirts, pants, short sleeved shirts, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, shorts swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top T shirts, thong swimwear, thong underwear and sweater and windbreakers for men.

If you wish to be the centre of attention and want to get noticed, consider the Pistol Pete Magnum Open Back Trunk Underwear for a pleasant change! The colour options available for this pair of stylish underwear are stunning gold and silver and mysterious onyx hue. Pistol Pete Magnum Open Back Trunk Underwear is one of the most revealing men’s outfits for showing off some skin action! Sporting an open back and cut out slits around the crotch pouch, you are sure to tempt anyone who looks at you!

At the same time, these boxer briefs are designed with a supportive crotch pouch that provides a comfortable look and feel. Made from top quality materials, this soft to touch underwear is designed with two racer stripes that match the contrasting coloured lining around the leg openings. The comfort and support level is further elevated with a well-fashioned elastic waistband that holds the underwear in place. Bearing the Pistol Pete name on the front, you can wear this profile enhancing trunk to a number of places – the gym, clubs, home or office!

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Be active and stay comfy in some 4-rth Eco Track Pants!

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Track pants have evolved from simply being sportswear into a trendy and fashionable garment that is a staple in the wardrobe of every fashion forward man. The reason behind the immense popularity of these casual pants is that they are highly comfortable and suitable for both athletic activities and simple household chores. Available in all kinds of colours and made from the best moisture wicking materials, they are no longer loose fitting but come in body fitting cuts and styles. Among the many brands that manufacture track pants, no one does it better than 4-rth!

Pronounced “for earth” and located in Los Angeles, 4-rth is a well-known menswear brand that was started by Doug Donehoo, who left his banking job to pursue his passion of protecting and saving earth from further degradation. With this aim in mind, he began manufacturing voguish and stylish men’s apparel using environment friendly fabrics because he believed that the unnecessary and unwarranted use of synthetic materials was destroying the planet.

Being widely popular for its vibrant yoga apparel, the brand’s highly functional and well fitting track pants or yoga pants are one of their many sustainable and eco-friendly men’s outfits that are a rage among fashion conscious men. The other products that the brand specialises in includes bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, long sleeved T shirts, pants, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, shorts swimwear, sweater and windbreakers and tank top T shirts.

If you want to look stylish without harming the environment, replace your old track pants with some new age 4-rth Eco Track Pants in an assortment of bold and vibrant shades. You can have them in solid and bright colours like ice blue, sun orange, heather grey, royal blue and cinnabar (red). Alternatively, they are also available in combinations of black/cinnabar, grey/white, cinnabar/grey and many more colour options.  Made from top quality and medium-weight Modal materials, these sweat pants or yoga pants are ideal for your rigorous gym sessions and all kinds of strenuous activities. Featuring a flex waistband and elasticised drawcord, these yoga pants fit the body perfectly without looking baggy. The 2×1 RIB hemming at the sides and the top back portion ensures all day firmness and flexibility as you perform your strenuous activities.

Being highly sweat resistant, these pants are suitable for everyday use as they help you to stay cool and comfortable for long periods of time. The pant’s soft and silky fabric will make you want to have them on the entire day! Wear them with your slim-fitting tank top T shirts or short sleeved T shirts while you lounge around or run out for errands.

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