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Get To Flaunt Your Sculpted Body In IQONIQ Athletic Mesh Muscle Top T Shirt!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

When you are planning an adventure trip or preparing for a rigorous fitness session, the first worry that comes to your mind is choosing an ideal outfit. You know that a tight or an excessively loose costume is enough to spoil your mood as well as sessions. It is also necessary that the outfit should be crafted from superb quality fabric so that you remain comfortable all the time. If you are a regular gym-goer or indulge in daily jogging sessions, then you must be fervently looking for suitable apparel. Well then, the IQONIQ Athletic Mesh Muscle Top T Shirt will live up to your expectations.

IQONIQ, popular brand from Netherlands specializes in various menswear like boxer brief underwear, bikini swimwear, muscle top T-shirts, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear and many other outfits. Leading designer Curtis Arrendell believe in creating certain men’s apparel that ensures maximum comfort to the wearer. However, style is also not neglected by this designer. The underwear, T-shirts, and swimwear of IQONIQ are fabulously trendy and simply enhance your ravishing looks.

Today’s fashion conscious men spend most of their time in gyms or fitness clubs, carving out chiselled bodies. Before slipping in to an outfit, they make sure it enhances their sculpted physique. The IQONIQ Athletic Mesh Muscle Top T Shirt is specially designed keeping in mind the demands of today’s metro sexual men. The fabric that goes in making this modish muscle top T Shirt consists of single ply polyester mesh. The cent percent presence of this material ensures perfect stretchability and its special moisture-wicking quality keeps you comfortable all the time.

One glance at this sexy outfit reveals a little shimmer on the fabric and its transparency just makes you look sizzling. Even if you sweat profusely while exercising, do not bother with this muscle top T-shirt. The polyester mesh fabric can get rid of excess moisture, elevating your comfort level as well as preventing the formation of wrinkles on the shirt at the same time. To elevate your style statement, IQONIQ Athletic Mesh Muscle Top T Shirt has the logo of “69” labelled on the back. This muscle top T-shirt, with its perfect cut and superb fit, is ideal for adventure trips or gym sessions.

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Get To Know The Real Man In You In Male Power Herringbone Crochet Jock Strap Underwear!

Friday, January 13th, 2012

When jockstrap underwear came in fashion, it immediately became popular among men. Firstly, the design provided adequate support to your package, and secondly, the edgy cut enabled free movement of the legs, therefore proving quite useful for gym-goers and fitness freaks. The unique pouch style also retains the shape of your package, enhancing your manly looks. Since the 19th century, the number of brands manufacturing this particular underwear has really increased. Nowadays, all the popular brands are experimenting with jockstrap designs and bringing out innovative jockstraps that are not only stylish but also elevate the comfort level of the wearer.

Male Power, a popular brand, has been creating unique men’s inner apparel since its inception. Ace designers are always striving to provide the best designs that can enhance your hunky-dory looks. The Male Power Herringbone Crochet Jock Strap Underwear is not only trendy but provides utmost comfort to the wearer. The jockstrap is provided with a considerably broad waist strap and leg straps which ensure complete stretchability and tightness. The presence of a spacious pouch provides maximum comfort and support to your package. The fabric that goes in making this particular underwear consists of nylon (85%) and lycra (15%). The presence of these materials ensures adequate elasticity of this jockstrap. Apart from ravishing nude, this particular jockstrap underwear is also available in red and black shades. So, choose your favourite colour and get this jockstrap now! Apart from jockstrap underwear, Male Power also designs swimwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, thong underwear, G strings, T Shirts, tank top T Shirts and other menswear.

When you choose underwear, you prefer to remain comfortable all the time. The edgy cut of the jockstrap perfectly suits your purposes. The superior quality fabric that goes in making these jockstraps also makes Male Power quite popular among metrosexual men. Moreover, inner apparel that can enhance your looks and alter your personality is necessary for your wardrobe. So grab Male Power Herringbone Crochet Jock Strap Underwear and get ready to be treated like a fashion king!

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Be dignified, sensuous and casual in your 191 Unlimited Pants!

Friday, December 30th, 2011

God has been quite tricky while carving the human body. He has added such a great variety that it is indeed difficult to categorize. However men have found a way, thereby grouping individuals as obese, stocky, lean, wiry, skinny or shapely and muscular. Among all, those with shapely, well-toned muscular bodies have become the lucky ones to be admired by all. Designing clothes for those with great physiques is indeed quite challenging for designers, but 191 Unlimited makes it look easy.

Today’s men want pants that can serve a two- in-one purpose. Pants can be used for formal office use as well as for casual purposes. There is a third factor to it. The pants need to be trendy and exclusive. Girish Karnani and Parth Sharma, two close friends started this line in 2002. Both the designers have kept in mind the need of metro sexual men, therefore focusing on comfort, style, design and economy.

191 Unlimited introduces pants which are far too different from average junk pants. These pants have been designed with the purpose that they will cling to the body and give you a wiry and lean look without hampering the normal shape of the body. Thus, you will look sexy but not lanky. These pants come with easily detachable suspenders which can be attached or taken off to suit different situations. This is the reason why it serves a two-in-one purpose. It can suit your work place and be your companion on a casual day out. These pants are available in different sizes and can be suited for different individuals. The sensuous deep gray shade is particularly popular among men. Regular junk pants are drab, boring and shabby, but 191 Unlimited is much more than this.

The material that goes in making these pants is light and skin-friendly and takes care of your comfort. Apart from pants, 191 Unlimited offers a wide variety of products like long sleeved T- Shirts, long sleeved shirts, shorts, short sleeved shirts and many more products. Very gaudy attire merely extracts criticism and a very shabby dressing marks you as a loser.191 Unlimited has kept these issues in mind while designing its apparel. Thus their pants give you a dignified look by retaining your casual look. So what are you waiting for? Just add this new apparel to your collection and be a style icon!

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This holiday appear on the beach in Vuthy’s Reversible Bikini swimwear!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Whenever you pack your luggage for a vacation near the sea, you are always agitated about your swimwear. This is especially true for a choosy or a fashion conscious man who doesn’t want to be seen in the same swimwear every day, but wants to carry light luggage at the same time. Vuthy understands your agitation and introduces its new Reversible Stripes Bikini Swimwear from its 2011 collection. So now forget worries and enjoy your beach holiday!

Vuthy, an exclusive brand from Maine specializes in swimwear, inner apparel, beachwear, T- shirts and tank tops. Vuthy’s products are distributed to a wide variety of stores in Australia, Europe and USA. The designs have become extremly popular and have been shown in “Spamalot” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Youngsters are especially curious about Vuthy’s products because of its affordability. For instance, their Reversible Bikini Swimwear produces a new design when turned over on its other side. In fact, this is the most interesting feature of this bikini swimwear. Now you don’t have to be abashed at being seen in the same swimwear every day. Change sides and you are a style icon!

Vuthy Reversible Stripes Bikini Swimwear has a black background with white stripes in the frontal area. The white stripes are also patterned on the bordered area of the swimwear. Apart from this, the bikini swimwear comes with an adjustable string, which makes for a great fit. The string can be adjusted according to the physique of the wearer. It also adheres to the body, thereby ensuring tightness and flexibility. The fabric used is of very high quality and thus retains stretchability for a long time.

Mens bikini swimwear made its way into the fashion industry in the 60’s, and has become a most loved item since then, particularly for those men who possess a superb physique and love to flaunt their bodies on the beach in bikini swimwear. This particular swimwear is also worn during different water sports. Since it perfectly fits the body and retains tightness even when the force of the water is great, this swimwear is preferred by most men. Vuthy believes in providing unique designs that can make its bikini swimwear the most preferred item of all.

So, now when you are sunbathing make everyone turn their heads and admire your tanned body. Just imagine how sizzling you will look near the rippling waters sunbathing in a Vuthy’s Reversible Stripes Bikini Swimwear!

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Svenjoyment offers every kind of apparel for Men

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Have you always longed for a brand that is capable of offering almost any type of apparel that you can imagine? If yes, then you must take a closer look at the Svenjoyment brand of menswear – a brand that is diverse, unique, comfortable and stylish.

The brand has been catering to the specific requirements of men when it comes to apparel such as underwear, bodysuits, pants and even T-shirts. Svenjoyment understands that each of these apparels is different and requires different material, threads and fabric so that they could be crafted differently. The Svenjoyment collection of menswear consists of apparel such as sexy and stylish Bikini Underwear, form fitting Bodysuits, fashionable Boxer Brief Underwear, trendy and comfortable Brief Underwear, super sexy G String Underwear, fashionable and supportive Jock Strap Underwear, trendy Long Sleeved T Shirts, soft and smooth Muscle Shirts Sleeveless, lightweight Muscle Top T Shirts, comfortable Pants, sexy Pouch Underwear, fashionable Short Sleeved Shirts and Short Sleeved T Shirts, fashionable and sexy Square Cut Trunk Swimwear, unimaginable Tank Top T Shirts, stylish Thong Swimwear and Thong Underwear among other products.

The Boxer Brief range launched by Svenjoyment has found has been admired by many men and fashion experts across the world. The reason why both wearer and fashion experts have been praising it so much is simply because the boxers are comfortable, breathable, sexy, lightweight and perfect for daily wear.

However, if you are planning to slip into something that is completely unique and stylish, then the Svenjoyment Transparent Filigree Thong Underwear available in black colour is a great choice for you. This transparent underwear is amazingly soft and smooth on the skin and is very comfortable to wear. You won’t have to put up with sweat, scratchy or itchy feeling once you slip into this incredible underwear. It is made of the highest quality fabric, which is a mix of 50% polyamide and 42% modal and 8% elastane (Lycra). The waistband of the underwear is very soft and never too tight around the waist. Therefore, if you are planning to spend a wonderful and memorable night with your partner then there’s nothing better than this underwear!

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Players brand of Underwear offers an excellent fit and great style

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The Players brand of underwear for men was incepted by R&B, Inc. The company wanted to provide men with something truly terrific and different. They first introduced the Men’s Nylon based Tricot underwear in 1986 in Morrisville Vermont (Woodbridge), and today it is being offered in four different styles with as many as twelve different colours. Since then, the brand has focused only on offering high quality products, and it was in 1991 that the brand found yet another category of underwear worth exploring. This was the cotton underwear category and the designers at Players did all that they could to create magnificent, innovative and soothing combed cotton underwear for men.

Today the brand offers a vast array of styles including men’s brief underwear, Boxer Short, Color Brief underwear, Mid-Length Brief underwear, T-shirts, Athletic Shirts and V-Neck Shirts.

The boxer range offered by Players is ideal for those people who wish to shun aside the brief style of underwear and want to slip into comfortable and breathable underwear. The boxer range is really impressive and durable, and is better than some of the other brands that are currently available in the market. In fact, such is their style, method and overall design that once you have donned a pair of Players brand of underwear you would not feel like moving to any other brand. You will continue to stay loyal to Players brand for your entire life and will advise others to try it at least once.

For those who are planning to give some other brand a try the Players Tricot Nylon Brief Underwear is an ideal option. It is made of soft and smooth Nylon that is never harsh on your skin and keeps your genitals well protected. It comes with an easily stretchable and wide elastic waistband. This underwear is meant for those men who like it more covered and enjoy excellent fit. The brief can safely be used in the form of daily wear.

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Crazy About T-shirts –Glance Through Prohibited Fashion Range of T-shirts and Shirts for Men

Monday, December 5th, 2011

If you are crazy about fashionable and trendy T-shirts then do not waste your time searching through brands that have nothing but same and usual boring and dull patterns to offer. Instead, glance through the Prohibited Fashion collection of T-shirts and apparel for men that are truly terrific, out of the box and (above all!) comfortable.

Prohibited Fashion offers a wide variety of apparels for men that include, Long Sleeved T Shirts, Muscle Top T Shirts, Short Sleeved Shirts and Short Sleeved T Shirts and Tank Top T Shirts among others. The brand has been consciously creating innovative designs and cuts using fabric of the highest quality. You may be planning to go to a party with your friends or may be simply thinking of attending gym sessions. Whatever your reason and no matter what the occasion, Prohibited Fashion would not disappoint you at all! You could grab their latest and most fashionable T-shirt and don it to attend the party and wear their Tank top to attract all the attention at the gym. The brand is capable of combing elements and features such as fabrics, colour combinations and designs to produce remarkable apparel that has never been seen or worn by men before.

Prohibited Fashion designing team has one simple motto and i.e. to offer men fashionable clothes. How long can you continue suppressing your desires and don the same patterns, styles and colours repeatedly? Prohibited Fashion understands this mindset in men, which is why they keep looking for ways to manufacture apparel that is stylish and a class apart.

Their tank tops can be worn to the gym or club. They are smart and stylish and meant for men who always intend to be the subject of attention amidst crowds. If you wish to play with colours and do not hesitate in wearing different style of T-shirts then Prohibited Fashion is your brand without doubt!

The Prohibited Fashion Contrast V Insert V Neck Short Sleeved T Shirt made of cotton fabric is one of their finest creations. It has been liked by all kinds of men, especially those who love trendy stuff. It is available in a combination of blue and white colour and can be clubbed with a pair of jeans, shorts and even Capri. It is extremely fashionable and is ideal as casual wear.

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Discover Your Funky, Cool and Casual Side with the Funky Urban collection of Menswear

Friday, November 11th, 2011

If you like cool, casual and trendy stuff then Funky Urban is your brand without any doubt! The brand became popular ever since it was first incepted in the year 2005 in Miami. They became popular for their silk t-shirts that feature exciting and interesting quotes and phrases. They believe in creating fashionable clothes and have been designing funky and printed t-shirts, hats, caps and underwear for men that are simply irresistible!

The brand has one simple motto to create fashionable clothes that allows the wearer to make their own fashion statement which meets that requirements and suits their individual personalities. While every other brand simply creates a range of apparel for men, Funky Urban goes a step further and puts interesting phrases, lines and quotes on their apparel to provide different kinds of wearer with something truly different and spicy. Their T-shirt range (that is available in more than twenty colours) has left an indelible impression on many men who love to flaunt their bodies in them.

The credit for launching this brand goes to Juliano Echeverri who wanted to introduce trendy and fashionable clothes for men. Echeverri took a trip to Europe, South and Central America that lasted for around four years, and then resolved to launch the Funky Urban brand of menswear. The brand has brought a revolution of its own kind in the mens fashion industry. A revolution that has encouraged men across different countries to sport the Funky Urban range of apparel – apparel that is daring, bold, splendid and above all fashionable. So, if you are planning to get into Funky Urban underwear then you could don the Funky Urban Brief Duck My Sick underwear. This particular design is available in vibrant colours such as black, Light Blue, White and Charcoal. It comes with a contrast binding and smooth and stylish waistband that has the Funky Urban logo all over it. This particular brief is ideal for those who love to enhance their package and do not wish to reveal too much of their body at the same time. It helps in bringing forth your sensuous and wild side. It is made of fabric, which is of the highest quality, and is mostly cotton (97%) with a hint of Spandex (3%) in it.

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Bonds Has Created its own Niche in the Mens Fashion Industry

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Bonds is a brand of menswear that is different than a host of other brands that are trying to influence and impress men with their not so engaging and exciting collection of apparel. The Bonds brand of mens apparel have been around in the industry for many decades now, and every year the brand has introduced fresh and appealing line of clothing for men with the same amount of dedication and focus that they had started off with. The brand has created its own niche in the mens fashion industry and is being admired by men of different classes and origins.

Bonds brand of menswear was set up in the year 1915 by George Alan Bond, and since then, the brand has been creating fabulous apparel for women, men as well as children. George was basically an American who came to settle in Australia in the twentieth century. Earlier, his company only focused on creating gloves and hosiery for women. However, in 1917, George started manufacturing a range of hosiery in Redfern situated in Sydney. It was in the year 1918 that George decided to move over to Camperdown and started creating underwear. His journey did not end there and he set up a cotton spinning mill in Wentworthville located in Western Sydney in the year 1932.

Though the brand is more renowned for its singlets, Bonds also offers a wide range of underwear including briefs, boxers, t-shirts, tank tops, g-string, polo shirts and trunks for men.

The reason why the brand has managed to build its reputation is because it has employed a team of ace designers to create unique, sexy and stylish range of menswear. Fashion designers and experts have already labelled the brand as one of the best menswear brands. If you feel that you want to slip into something really different and comfortable then you can try wearing the Bonds Fit Shorts. This particular short is available in black colour and is extremely comfortable. If you are planning to relax at home or even if you wish to go to the gym in a shorts, then there is nothing better than Bonds Fit Shorts. It offers complete freedom of movement and the wearer will never feel too tight in it for sure! It features a broad waistband that has the Bond Logo all over it.

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Ajaxx63 T-Shirts Combine Fun, Fashion and Style

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

If you are crazy about T-shirts and like wearing them almost on a daily basis, then Ajaxx63 is your brand for sure! Ajaxx63 believes in providing men with fashionable and trendy clothes that further allows them to make their own style and fashion statement. The brand picks up the latest concepts and themes to design creative, stylish and gorgeous T-shirts that stay in vogue for a long period. The brand has a wide variety of T-shirts for gay community as well.

The idea of launching the Ajaxx63 brand of T-shirts for men first came to Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser. While Bill had designed multiple clothes for brands such as Ralph Lauren/Polo Sport, Gap, Eddie Bauer and Vogue, Andy is basically renowned as a management guru from the Museum of Modern Art and Sony in New York.  The two resolved to put together their mind and money to establish a brand that served men as well as the gay community. The duo decided to relocate to Seattle and incepted Ajaxx63 in the year 1997.

Both Andrew and Bill put in a lot of hard work and dedication to design unique and the latest collection of T-shirts so that gay people all across the world can lay their hands on something that is fashionable, electrifying and colorfully pleasing at the same time. Every Ajaxx63 T-shirt is made of the highest quality fabric that is carefully sewn to create wonderful T-shirts that are never dull and boring and always in tune with the latest in the fashion industry.

The Ajaxx63 range of T-shirts is meant for men who love to don fun, exciting and out of the box T-shirts. Every Ajaxx63 T-shirt is created after observing the gay lifestyle and culture closely so that they get exactly what they are looking to buy. Apart from T-shirts, the Ajaxx63 brand also incorporates a wide range of Beanies, Caps and Jewelry. The brand offers different styles of T-shirts including, Long Sleeved T Shirts, Muscle Top T Shirts, Short Sleeved T Shirts and Tank Top T Shirts.

Those who are planning to grab Ajaxx63 brand of T-shirt could grab the Ajaxx63 Tank Tight End tank top for starters. This is basically ‘A’ back beater style of tank that is made of 100% cotton that can be safely worn to the gym or the club. This particular tank top allows you to flaunt your muscles and move around with complete freedom. It stretches easily and is extremely lightweight.

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