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Grab the Popular and Stylish Papi range of underwear for Men!

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Papi brand of menswear is designed and manufactured in Miami and is popularly known as “America’s Riviera”. In order to wear Papi a man should be bold, sexy, sophisticated and have a strong fashion sense. Therefore, if you think you posses all those qualities you are all set to slip into Papi!

Papi chooses to dress men in fashionable, colourful and creative range of menswear. The creative team at Papi pays a lot of attention to the design, cut and pattern of all their products so that men get some of the most exotic underwear. Every now and then, it launches one or more collections with the highest quality fabrics keeping the specific requirements of men in mind. As a result, men get to wear some of the most unimaginable designs and cuts.

Men who believe in leading a luxurious lifestyle will fall in love with a pair of underwear designed by Papi. The Papi collection of menswear includes, Boxer Brief Underwear, Brief Underwear, Jock Strap Underwear, Muscle Top T Shirts, Shorts, Tank Top T Shirts and Thong Underwear. Papi’s Euro Trunk collection of underwear is for men who enjoy the support the brief is capable of providing along with the comfort that one enjoy in a trunk. This collection comes with a leg-slit opening that allows men to reveal much of their skin. It features a contour pouch that offers a lot of support. Their hipster style of trunk comes with a waistband that is never visible above the wearer’s waistline. This trunk is perfect for those who indulge in a lot of sports such as surfing and skating. The Brazilian Trunk designed by Papi is basically a short form of the classic trunk style designed by the brand. Papi’s Low Rise Brief underwear is meant for men who wish to flaunt their abs and enjoy ultimate support for their package.

For those who have not tried Papi yet, the Papi Stud Boxer Brief is an ideal choice. It is extremely stylish and comes with Papi imprinted on its waistband. This particular boxer brief is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

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Bonds Has Created its own Niche in the Mens Fashion Industry

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Bonds is a brand of menswear that is different than a host of other brands that are trying to influence and impress men with their not so engaging and exciting collection of apparel. The Bonds brand of mens apparel have been around in the industry for many decades now, and every year the brand has introduced fresh and appealing line of clothing for men with the same amount of dedication and focus that they had started off with. The brand has created its own niche in the mens fashion industry and is being admired by men of different classes and origins.

Bonds brand of menswear was set up in the year 1915 by George Alan Bond, and since then, the brand has been creating fabulous apparel for women, men as well as children. George was basically an American who came to settle in Australia in the twentieth century. Earlier, his company only focused on creating gloves and hosiery for women. However, in 1917, George started manufacturing a range of hosiery in Redfern situated in Sydney. It was in the year 1918 that George decided to move over to Camperdown and started creating underwear. His journey did not end there and he set up a cotton spinning mill in Wentworthville located in Western Sydney in the year 1932.

Though the brand is more renowned for its singlets, Bonds also offers a wide range of underwear including briefs, boxers, t-shirts, tank tops, g-string, polo shirts and trunks for men.

The reason why the brand has managed to build its reputation is because it has employed a team of ace designers to create unique, sexy and stylish range of menswear. Fashion designers and experts have already labelled the brand as one of the best menswear brands. If you feel that you want to slip into something really different and comfortable then you can try wearing the Bonds Fit Shorts. This particular short is available in black colour and is extremely comfortable. If you are planning to relax at home or even if you wish to go to the gym in a shorts, then there is nothing better than Bonds Fit Shorts. It offers complete freedom of movement and the wearer will never feel too tight in it for sure! It features a broad waistband that has the Bond Logo all over it.

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Blue Line Menswear is Diverse, Trendy and Fabulous!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Blue Line has been introduced by one of the leading lingerie designing companies – Electric Lingerie. The brand is renowned for offering a wide variety of underwear styles including thongs, jockstraps, trunks, boxer briefs, bikini underwear and brief underwear. Blue Line uses soft Mesh or Microfiber to create unimaginable designs. So, if you want to take a closer look at some of the most incredible looking underwear, then keep an eye on the Blue Line range of menswear.

Apart from designing a sexy and fabulous looking underwear range, the brand also manufactures Short Sleeved T Shirts and Tank Top T Shirts for men. No matter what style or pattern you are keen to wear, Blue Line will definitely have something or the other for every kind of wearer. Whether you want sexy looking underwear or cool and funky t-shirts, go through the Blue Line range of menswear which looks great and is really affordable.

The Blue Line full pouch micro-fiber lace-up boyshort is one of their most popular products. Available in three different colours – navy, white and black, this underwear offers great fit and is made from fabric that allows the wearer to stretch it easily. Their tank top range is simply breathtaking and is admired by men who love to dress up differently for different occasions. The brand focuses in creating unique designs by simply using fabric and combining colours and patterns that have never before been tried and tested by anyone.

Those who are not very familiar with the brand can opt for the Blue Line Performance Microfiber T Back Thong Underwear that is available in Royal Blue. This particular thong features a T-back and is super sexy, silky and comfortable at the same time. Those who are fond of flaunting their back will definitely appreciate this T-back style. It is made of microfiber that gives the thong its smooth and soft feel. It also comes with a special front pouch that allows the wearer to enhance their package exactly the way they desire. The thong offers a great fit and will basically conform to the shape of your body. It is made of fabric that lasts really long and is easily stretchable. So, if you feel that you need to include new designs in your closet, then it’s the right time to give this thong a try. After all, you don’t want to wear normal boring patterns every day?

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Shun Mediocrity – Grab Mosmann range of Menswear!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Today, men are more than willing to shun mediocre and dull looking underwear and get into branded menswear that features comfort, style and fashion. Australia based Mosmann has understood this very mentality of men, which is why they resolved to introduce unique, fashionable and trendy menswear for men of different shapes and sizes. Their dedication and constant endeavour has encouraged the brand to expand their market further. Today, Mosmann has offices in several countries including France, Brazil, U.K, Japan, U.S., Germany and China.

The Mosmann collection of menswear consists of apparels such as trunks, boxers and high-quality and unique briefs. The reason why more and more men have started liking Mosmann is because it is capable of offering underwear in unimaginable cuts and patterns. Mosmann is credited for producing a range of jocks for Men that are not only innovative, but also capable of offering comfort par excellence. The brand has forced men to change their definition of underwear. Mosmann is known for its thick shaped waistband, seamless stitching and for its fabric quality that is mostly a blend of lycra and soft modal. In fact, Mosmann’s Classic collection has been appreciated the world over for its bold designs and colors. Following the success of their Classic collection, the brand has now introduced the Silver and Gold range of briefs and boxers that consist of Essential, Sport and Skin boxers and briefs. Mosmann range of underwear is playful, stylish and reflects the Australian lifestyle. The brand came into existence in the year 2008 and believes in offering men with unique looking underwear that allows them to flaunt their assets as well.

Mosmann believes that every man must look good and underwear is an essential part of any and every man’s wardrobe. If you are willing to get into unusual patterns made from high-quality fabric, feel good and move around in style, then grab Mosmann right away!

The Mosmann Classic Boxer Brief Underwear is one of the finest products being offered by the brand. It is meant for men who are sophisticated, bold and admire trendy and high-class designs. This particular trunk is made from fabric, which is a blend of 95% Modal and 5% Lycra. The fabric is extremely soft, smooth and breathable. It features a 60mm wide waistband that is metallic silver in colour. If you haven’t been able to wear something really different all these years, then it is about time that you did!

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