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Cool and trendy Contrast Clothing Afro T shirt for the modern man!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Even now a short sleeved T shirt is still every man’s favourite clothing. Whether used as an outerwear or an innerwear, this type of men’s apparel is a wardrobe essential for all kinds of occasion. Providing comfort along with exceptional style, it comes in an array of cuts, styles and colours to match different fashion preferences. Among the different popular menswear brands, the UK based Contrast Clothing is one such brand that offers outstanding collections of short sleeved T shirts.

Founded in the winter of 2003 by a group of young artists, London based Contrast Clothing has made a mark for itself in the men’s clothing market with its distinctive and original designs and themes. Designed for the masses, their visually appealing outfits are preferred by men everywhere to showcase their individuality in the unique themes of their designs, which range from symbols to characters to people’s emotions and environment. Apart from skilfully designed short sleeved T shirts, the brand also provides tastefully done long sleeved T shirts, jackets, vests, sweaters and hoodies for men all over the globe.

To look trendy and attractive in your casual wear, try on a Contrast Clothing Afro T shirt for a change! Offered in solid black shade, the designer short sleeved T shirt features one of their distinctive designs – of an Afro man – on the front. Made from 150-160 grams of high quality combed cotton, the casual tee feels extremely soft and delicate across the skin. While remaining exceptionally stretchable, it is designed to provide a figure hugging fit to wearers of different body shapes. The presence of a breathable cotton fabric makes sure you experience ultimate comfort with each and every use!

Light in weight and skin friendly, this T shirt takes in all the moisture to give you a fresh and cool feeling during arduous tasks or hot weather conditions. Featuring double stitching, this designer outfit guarantees a quality construction along with the promise of sexy visual appeal. Sporting a round neckline, it goes well with all kinds of outfits. You can pair it up with your jeans, chinos or casual trousers to sport a laidback appearance!

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Enhance your looks with Elegant Moments Leather Jock Strap Underwear!

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Invented in the 19th century with the sole purpose of providing comfort and protection to the bicycle riders who rode through cobbled streets, jockstraps have now emerged to be one of the most popular styles in men’s underwear. Athletes, sportsmen and wrestlers find the jockstrap most comfortable while playing sports or indulging in their regular workout sessions. Although various underwear styles have become popular in recent times such as bikini underwear, G string underwear, thongs underwear and (of course!) boxers and briefs, jockstraps have not lost their popularity. In fact, in the hands of ace designers jockstraps have become immensely chic and trendy. Men who yearn to look bold, sporty and sexy always look for stylish jockstrap underwear.

Designed with a roomy pouch and stretchable rear straps, jockstrap underwear provides optimum comfort and support to the wearer. When choosing jockstrap underwear it is important to find one that fits your needs perfectly. Your jockstrap underwear must not be excessively tight or loose, but just ideal to elevate your comfort level. In recent times, many popular brands have brought forth some stylish and bold men’s jockstrap underwear. But one brand that has become popular among men for manufacturing some comfortable, form fitting and racy jockstrap underwear is Elegant Moments. The designers at Elegant Moments give their best efforts to evolve with the changing trends in the fashion industry and have designed some excessively raunchy and comfortable men’s jockstrap underwear. Besides jockstrap underwear, Elegant Moments also manufactures boxer brief underwear, pouch underwear, thong underwear, men’s costumes, men’s harness and vests.

If you are looking for form-fitting, chic underwear that will help in enhancing your profile, then Elegant Moments Leather Jock Strap Underwear is just perfect for you! With a broad waistband and comfortable rear straps, this pair of underwear ensures a perfect fit and comfort to the wearer. Made from premium leather, this pair of underwear is ideal to enhance your sexy looks. Designed with a spacious pouch, the Elegant Moments Leather Jock Strap Underwear provides optimum support to your package. The sizzling black colour of this pair of underwear truly augments your looks as Elegant Moments Leather Jock Strap Underwear has a broad waistband, offering you the ideal opportunity to reveal the waistband from under your low-rise jeans or trousers. Whether you are hitting the gym or dressing up casually, Elegant Moments Leather Jock Strap Underwear is just perfect for you!

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Lure Everyone Towards You Wearing Your Allure Men’s Leather & Fishnet Zip Up Muscle Top T Shirt!

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Trends in the men’s fashion world have been quite unpredictable in recent times. In the past few years, we have seen men go crazy for certain styles and trends, which soon petered out and gave way to new trends and designs. However, it can be said that T shirts have never lost their importance in the men’s fashion segment. Since post World War II, designers have been constantly trying their best to make this outfit even more exclusive and stylish.

As a result, a lot of variations have come in like the long-sleeved T shirt, tank top T shirt, muscle top T shirt and short sleeved  T shirt, each designed to suit various occasions, styles and tastes. Among the varied designs, the muscle top T shirt is quite in demand and preferred by most men.

Allure is one brand that has been making some very hot, trendy and ravishing muscle top T shirts since their inception in 1993. This brand is based in Mississauga, Ontario and has gained worldwide popularity it’s their sizzling, erotic and alluring designs. Moreover, the brand’s designers prefer using leather vinyl for crafting various men’s outfits; as a result, you simply look hot and sexy!

Apart from muscle top T shirts, they also create short sleeved T shirts and vests. They also design some really sporty and fashionable men’s underwear like boxer brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, loincloth underwear, pouch underwear and thong underwear. Men also love their stylish hats.

If you are looking for a really ravishing muscle top T shirt to enhance your looks then, Allure Men’s Leather & Fishnet Zip Up Muscle Top T Shirt can surely fulfil your demands.  When you go out in this shimmering black coloured muscle top T shirt, you are sure to draw in everyone’s gaze. The zipper opening in the front and the fishnet design at the back is indeed striking.

Since it is sleeveless, you can just flaunt your curvaceous biceps the way you like! This muscle top T shirt is ideal for casual parties, night clubs and other casual occasions where you want to be the centre of attraction.  You can get this muscle top T shirt in four different sizes- small, medium, large and extra-large.

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