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N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants- Always Providing Optimum Comfort!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

As far as men’s underwear is concerned you can expect a wide range of styles and designs in the market today. The once neglected segment of the fashion industry, men’s underwear section now has different styles of underwear. Apart from boxers and briefs, you will come across G string underwear, thong underwear, bikini underwear, jockstrap underwear, pouch underwear, loincloth underwear and long underwear pants. Among the different varieties, men’s long underwear pants offer optimum comfort to the wearer all the time.

Wear your long underwear pants during winter and remain warm and cosy on all chilly occasions! Long underwear pants, made from temperature balancing natural fibers, can elevate your comfort level on the humid days as well. Trendy and stylish, a descent pair of long underwear pants goes well with jeans or trousers. In recent times fashion designers have been trying their level best to make this comfy underwear style even more voguish. Among the designer brands that offer stylish long underwear pants for men, N2N Bodywear comes highly recommended. Andrew Makay started N2N Bodywear way back in 1997. Since its inception in Los Angeles, N2N Bodywear has always aimed at offering the most stylish and comfortable underwear to men that enhance their sex appeal.

The designers at N2N Bodywear use premium materials to create their line of menswear. As a result, you will remain comfortable all day long in N2N Bodywear outfits. N2N Bodywear brings forth the most stylish, form-fiiting and comfortable men’s apparel that make you feel special always.  Apart from long underwear pants, N2N Bodywear also offers bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string swimwear, G string underwear, jammer swimwear, jock strap swimwear, jock strap underwear, long boxer brief underwear, long sleeved T shirts, loose boxer shorts underwear, loungewear, muscle top T shirts, pants, pouch underwear, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, sweaters, windbreakers, tank top T shirts, thong swimwear, thong underwear and men’s accessories.

When you think of comfort then nothing else comes mind other than N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants. Using high quality fabrics, N2N Bodywear designers have come up with some soft long underwear pants that anyone will find highly comfortable. The presence of cotton (90%) and spandex (10%) makes N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants ideal to wear on hot and humid season. The thin and soft cotton fibres of these skin-tight underwear pants offer optimum comfort to the wearers while the contoured pouch of N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants offers utmost support to your package. Apart from yellow, you can also get N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants in lilac, orange, grey, white and black colours.

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Wrap Up Your Body In a Buns Bathing Wrap Long Cap Bathrobe for ultimate comfort!

Friday, April 26th, 2013

What do you look for after coming out of a pool with water-droplets clinging to your body? Obviously, you look for your soft bathrobe that can soak up all the water, drying your body completely! A soft and breathable bathrobe is the perfect apparel to slip in after a splashing and rejuvenating bath. Of course, a trendy bathrobe can make a nice gift item too. Men, especially fashion conscious men, are always on the lookout for plush bathrobes that they could use to wrap their bodies after a bath.  Well, you can expect doting glances from people at the pool when you come out of the water and slip into a trendy bathrobe!

To look sizzling you definitely need to pick a bathrobe from a good brand. Both design and quality matter when you think of purchasing bathrobes. Some brands offer trendy loungewear to men, but their products are made from poor quality fabrics and do not last long. However, one brand that ensures both style and quality is BUNS. A popular brand, BUNS strives to create the most stylish and chic outfits for men. BUNS products can be worn all year round. Men who want to enjoy optimum comfort throughout the day should surely look for BUNS outfits. The designers at BUNS believe in using premium materials for creating their menswear. Apart from loungewear, BUNS also manufactures pants, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, sweaters and windbreakers for men.

If you want to expose your drenched and toned body after a bath, then try some BUNS Bathing Wrap Long Cap Bathrobes. Crafted from breathable chambray fabric (consisting 100% cotton), this bathing wrap is truly comfortable. This type of fabric wicks away moisture, drying your drenched body completely. Soft and breathable, the bathrobe made from chambray fabric will keep you comfortable in any season. On hot and humid days, just wrap your body with this bathrobe and relax comfortably on your lounge chair. The semi-translucent bathrobe makes the curves of your body excessively prominent. This bathrobe is designed with a cap and comes with a pair of boxer shorts. The pair of boxer shorts is provided with drawstrings. You can adjust the pair of shorts with the help of these drawstrings.  Apart from red, the chic Buns Bathing Wrap Long Cap Bathrobes is also offered in light blue colour.

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Look Raunchy In Your Libidex Bermuda Shorts!

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Shorts have always been the popular wear for men of all age groups. Even few years back, men’s shorts were considered very comfortable and cool summer wear. But, nowadays shorts are worn by men all year round, thanks to ace designers who have made plain-looking shorts highly sexy and sporty! Gone are the days when only loose boxer shorts were all the rage. These days, fashionable men look for form fitting shorts that are available in wide array of colours and designs. Low rise shorts are also quite popular among men. Shorts are worn on beach parties and picnics (casual). With the changing trends, plain-looking, typical shorts were redesigned and made excessively stylish and trendy.

With changing styles, the lengths of men’s shorts have also grown shorter. Even a few years ago, knee length shorts were much in fashion, but now men are comfortable wearing tight-fitting shorts that reach up to the thighs. Of course, longer shorts are also in vogue and you will not look out of style if you wear one on the beach. Fashionable hunks who want to flaunt their well sculpted bodies look for form fitting, thigh length shorts! Cargo shorts, chino shorts and jeans shorts are also all the rage nowadays. Tastes and styles differ from one individual to another. Some like to team cool jeans shorts with funky tank top T shirts while others prefer wearing chino shorts with muscle top T shirts.

Originally, shorts were designed to ensure optimum comfort to men during the hot and humid summer months. So, mostly soft, breathable materials like cotton were used for creating men’s shorts. In recent times, designers are using other materials like lycra and spandex along with cotton for crafting men’s shorts. Cotton helps in elevating the comfort level of men and spandex or lycra ensures the tightness and stretchability of the apparel. Libidex, a brand from London, has become the popular name in the men’s fashion world for manufacturing outfits from latex. Yes, the designers at Libidex believe in using high quality latex for creating types of menswear. Apart from shorts, Libidex also manufactures bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, costumes, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeved shirts, long sleeved T shirts, muscle shirts sleeveless, muscle top T shirts, tank top T shirts, pants, short sleeved shirts, short sleeved T shirts, neckties, jackets, coats sweaters, windbreakers, belts, buckles, socks and wallets for men.

Just take a look at these Libidex Bermuda Shorts! Unconventional and sporty, Libidex Bermuda Shorts, made from high quality latex, can be teamed with trendy muscle top T shirts or tank top T shirts and can be worn at beach parties, night clubs and picnics. These sizzling black coloured shorts with their glossy texture exude style in a unique way. A pair of form fitting Libidex Bermuda Shorts comes with a flat front and can be designed with or without a through-crotch zip. The choice is yours! Wear the Libidex Bermuda Shorts as you please!

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